Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Creepy Kitch Episode 29: Unconventional Vampires

After a quick month off, The Kitch Bitches are back! Stac and Cins return with guest host Karine Charlebois to discuss two unconventional Vampire films, Quebec's 1996 vampire comedy Karmina, and U.S.'s 2011 Independent film Midnight Son.
Also, why regionally locked DVDs are a pain in the ass, Stacy has an uncontrollable giggle fit, and "punching The fat" all on Episode 29 of Creepy Kitch!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Preview: Episode 29- Unconventional Vampires

FINALLY we return!!
 Sorry about the delay folks.
The foul mouth maidens of the podcasting world return once again with guest host Karine Charlebois to discuss our favorite old timey blood suckers!

This round we will be talking about two great unconventional vampire movies. The first is 1996's Karmina, from Quebec...Which I couldn't find a trailer of ANYWHERE so here's a photo of one of the characters.
We will also be chatting about 2011's independent film, Midnight Son. Which I DID find a trailer for!

Stay Tuned! It will be coming fast!