Saturday, June 2, 2018

Creepy Kitch Episode 62: The F***in' Intense Episode

Finally had two minutes to upload the episode! Finally, you get to hear our ramblings... on Diva cups. You have been warned, people!

This episode we discuss 2015's The Devil's Candy and 2017's The Ritual, two super intense movies that made us breathe heavy in not a sexual way.

Also, stocky guys are friggin hot,  the Diva cup learning curve, MAMMARY-GRAM!, and much much more... period talk.


Sunday, March 18, 2018

Creepy Kitch, Episode 61: So Bad It's Bad

We're back with its So Bad, It's Bad episode and trust me, its Baaaaad.
We have our special guest host, Patrick from the amazing ScreamQueenz Podcast!  This month we talk about 1992's Sleepwalkers and 1995's Leprechaun 3. Both are really God awful...but in a good way.

  • Lots of cat talk.
  • Fuck you and your magical vagina!
  • Leprechaun vs. Showgirls.
And we're still working on recovering our files from the hacking incident. Bear with us, folks!

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Creepy Kitch Episode 60: Listeners' Choice

We return!
Finally, Listeners' Choice! This episode we talk about Only Lovers Left Alive and The Girl With All the Gifts! There's also a lot more but I seriously can't remember so listen, and absorb! Enjoy, folks!

Listen Here!