Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Preview: Episode 3 -This Old House

Well I would have done this sooner. But to be honest, Episode 2 had no preview since we really had no clue what Episode 2 was going to be until about a week before we recorded it....and then we kept changing our minds on the movies....
Because we're prepared like that.

But we're actually planning ahead for Episode 3 so here's a sneak preview of what we're going to cover!


On Episode 3, Stac and Cins share thoughts on two movies; House of the Devil, and The Changeling.
Check out their Trailers!

We're also going to be sharing some of our own personal ghost stories. Trust me...Stac as a TON of them.
So stay tuned in two weeks!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Creepy Kitch Podcast Episode 2: Horror Comedies

Stac and Cins are back with Episode 2, Horror Comedies that AREN'T Shaun of the Dead!
We discuss The Fearless Vampire Killers, Vampires Anonymous, and Undead...when we're not going off on more tangents. Our sound Quality is SLOWLY improving...the key word here is slowly....slooooooooowly.

Give It A Listen!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

FINALLY! : Creepy Kitch Podcast Episode 1!!

So Stac and I have determined one despise us.
It hates us with with the fire of a thousand flaming nuns.
Have you ever seen a flaming nun? Trust me..they're hot. Literally.

But after wrestling with conversion issues, recording times, mic troubles, and still trying to figure out how to get our theme song onto the track (which, by the way, we haven't yet. So we have no theme music this episode), we finally go SOMETHING up! FINALLY! Its a small victory for us. But one that feel OH so glorious.

So here you have it folks, Creepy Kitch the Podcast, Episode 1 - Children in Peril!

On our fresh virgin episode Stac and I review Silent Hill, Dolls, and The Gate.

Some quick notes: Our sound quality isn't that great (Well actually my side of the cast is pretty damn quiet...stupid Skype) and this is mostly my fault. My Mac went kerflooy a few months back and I've been operating on my husband's laptop. And unfortunately the poor lil thing doesn't have enough power for me to get a good sound mixer. BUT I am working towards getting a new computer and when I do...well I'll eventually figure out how to get better sound quality. Next ep we promise that you'll be able to hear me better. Until then I really hope it won't detour you from listening to us. Occasionally Stac and I say something profound.
...Actually we just curse a lot.
Regardless, enjoy! We hope it was worth the wait!
If anyone has any advice on how to get better sound please let us know! We're open to suggestions!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Creepy History

Quickie update first: our premiere podcast should go live sometime this week; I'm trying to figure out how to splice in music for the opening and closing, then we'll upload, etc. Big big thanks (and blame) to Mike from the Cadaver Lab Podcast; thankfully he knows what he's doing, because Cins and I so do not. We'll post here when the episode goes live.

I've bitched endlessly in previous posts that I am a history major with the burgeoning carpal tunnel to prove it. Truthfully, I love history, and am very glad in my four year degree program of choice; it really is fascinating. It's also frequently morbid as hell. Try learning about Ivan IV of Russia-- you'll see why he earned his title of "Ivan the Terrible". Look up what happened to the first "False Dmitri" in Russian history-- it's gruesome and also, because I'm a ghoul, hilarious. It involves his ashes, a canon, and Poland!

In one of my current classes this quarter we've focused on the 1919 Influenza epidemic. This killed more Americans than all of the wars of the 20th century combined. Some 20 to 40 million people are estimated to have died in this pandemic, and the terrifying fact is that it came out of no where, went with the American Doughboys to WWI, infected who knows how many, enemy and ally alike, then mutated (and also killed more American troops than European combat did), came back, and continued to spread, spread, spread.

The most chilling part? The stories of kids playing on stacked caskets, pretending they were pyramids, and the jump rope rhyme that kids came up with:

"I had a little bird,
his name was Enza,
I opened up the window,
and in flew Enza!"

This is, for me, creepier than the rhyme from the Nightmare on Elm Street series. How hard would your blood curdle if you heard kids singing that one while jumping rope? When we did it as kids the worst thing I remember happening is Cinderella kissing a snake on accident, but at least she immediately got medical help in the jump rope rhyme. By the way, if you get that, you are hardcore, playground awesome!

This is just proof that sometimes, reality is scarier than anything we can dream up in fiction.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

In the mean time: Book Reviews

Sorry about the radio silence folks. Stac and I have been concentrating on getting the podcast recorded. You know what sucks? Trying to schedule two very busy women together on Skype, that's what sucks. If I was a shut in, this wouldn't be a problem. Luckily it looks like we'll be recording this week and releasing next week. We'll be sure to announce it.

So in the mean time, here's some book recommendations to sling at ya!

Under The Dome

I finished the epic book that was Under The Dome last night. And you know what? I really enjoyed it. I think I enjoyed it more than I should since most things I've heard about it were mixed at best. But I have to admit, its up there as one of my favorite Stephen King novels I've read. Actually its one of the most engrossing novels I've read so far this year. Sir Stephen does an great job creating a thick tapestry of characters and interweaving story lines in this disaster tale. While at heart its definitely a Sci-Fi story, the atrocities presented in it are on par with any horror novel. I found myself comparing it to the "A Song of Fire and Ice" series by George R.R. Martin, but set in modern times. If you like a story with a huge interesting cast and a ton of power struggles, this one is up your alley. Plus it has one of the best villains I've every read, Big Jim Rennie, a man you LOVE to hate. I also have to give Sir Stephen some credit here for the female characters in this book. They are some tough and strong bitches, my favorite being Julia Shumway, the cynical and sharp newspaper editor.
As I stated earlier in another post, I sense the impending film adaptation of Under The Dome on the horizon. And I hope hope HOPE that they forgo a movie and instead do a seven part miniseries on HBO or Showtime or ANY pay cable network. There is so much detail to this story that it can't be told in an hour or two. And the horrors that happen really need to happen in full out gore and uncensored glory to get the point across that these people are fucked.
This book made me want to go back and read The Stand again to compare and contrast. There are a lot of parallels between the two, only Under the Dome is on a much smaller scale.
HIGHLY recommended.

Truthseekers: Welcome to Blackriver and Truthseekers II: Birthright

I mentioned my friend Rob St. Martin, in an article a while back and I skimmed over his books really quick in the article. Therefore I felt I need to come back and give a little more detail on what I consider crack. I'm sure none of you have heard of either of these books or of this author before. This is probably because his novels have been self published. And while Rob is a dear friend of mine, I really wouldn't bother posting an article on these books if I didn't think they were worth the read.
Truthseekers and Truthseekers II are young adult novels. I would not call them out and out horror novels, they have a lot of supernatural elements and creeptastic moments. But don't let that stop you from picking them up. The writing and story lines were sophisticated enough to keep my 34 year old brain entertained. The Truthseekers series follows a young woman, Ashley, who's parents were brutally murdered and she is sent to a small town of Blackriver to live with her cousin. And Blackriver? Well its kind of a strange, STRANGE place. The first book is comprised of many short stories about Ashely and her new friends confronting the weird and wild. While there is a bit of a threw line, each story stands alone very well. Mr. Rob writes a cast of very endearing characters and twists cliched elements such as vampires, ghosts, and cults to feel very fresh and new. I also have to commend him for writing teenage females like real teenage females. He never goes into the vapid girls constantly worrying about their make-up and kissing boys territory and truly gets into the mind of a young woman at that sensitive age. Granted, the Make-up and kissing boys are there but its not the ONLY thing that is there. Props to you Mr. Rob. Not many men can do that. And while sometimes the story feels like its meandering at times, it always picks itself back up and gets right back on track.
Truthseekers II: Birthright is a continuation of the story of Ashley and the gang. Personally I enjoyed this one more. The writing was tighter and the storyline that Mr. Rob is creating is becoming more and more relevant, making it feel much more like a novel and less like a short story anthology. And while the book will appeal to the younger set, he never ever dumbs down the threats and scares. Its not an out and out gore fest but it has a lot of suspense and some great creativity. Also, it has a battle of the bands where our leading lady shames someone in song....which is the only way I'd want to shame someone. Now that the summer months are approaching, these books would be perfect to pick up. Both are quick reads, perfect to put down then pick right back up again and fall into the story head on.
Truthseekers III: Level Up has finally been released and I am eagerly awaiting my copy.
Another high reccomend.