Saturday, January 29, 2011

An Observation

Looking at where that clip for The 'Burbs is frozen, I must comment. For some reason whenever I would pause our tape (fuck I'm old) copy, for some reason it would ALWAYS freeze there, on that same look on Tom Hanks' face.

He looks fucking EVIL there.

Just had to say.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Preview: Episode 10 -Listener's Choice

We Finally made our decision for our 2nd Listener's Choice Episode!

We will be discussing Joe Dante's dark comedy The 'Burbs recommended by Johnny aka KrugerDude.

And The 1976 haunted house thriller Burnt Offerings recommended by Cinematic Slice of Cheese.

Thanks everyone for slinging recommendations at us! Trust me when I say this was hard for us to choose since all of the titles sounded interesting.
If yours wasn't chosen, Fear not! We will be doing a Listener's Choice every 5 episodes. So please keep the titles coming at us there's a chance we will get to your movie or even use your recommend in its own episode...I'm looking at YOU Karine.

We'll be recording this weekend so stay tuned!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Creepy Kitch Episode 9 - Vincent Price is a Suave M.F.

Holy Crap! Its about time!

This Episode Stac and Cins discuss two fantastic Vincent Price movies: the 1964 Classic, Masque of the Red Death and the surreal 1971 cult classic the Abdominal Dr. Phibes.
Also, the weekly fuck off, horror crush, won tons, art haters, and Stac touches herself while watching Charlie Brown Christmas.

Sorry about the delay folks. We ran into some editing issues. Our wonderful Gare-bear seems to be MIA. :( If anyone knows our Gary, let him know we miss him and we hope he's alright!

Special thanks to our listener and friend Lou for taking the reigns this episode.

We're Still Here!

Sorry folks, we dropped off the radar and didn't mean to. Episode 9 should be coming very soon, depending on editing I'm hoping within the week, and we still need suggestions for Ep 10, which is listeners choice! Got a weird title? Saw something that fried your brain? Did a movie touch you in your bathing suit area and you're not sure if you liked it or not? Here we are!

We've gotten some great suggestion, but we'd love to have a huge pool to draw from, so send 'em in! And thanks for your patience, y'all!