Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Cins Favorite Movies of the Decade - Part 5: The Final Six!

Okay! The final installment!
So Hang onto your seats folks! Here we go with the last six movies for the decade that I didn't think sucked!


No particular order than Chronological:

Repo: The Genetic Opera

This movie combined two of my all time favorite things in the world, horror films and show tunes. And they said it couldn't be done! Okay, the horror musical is not something one would consider original but Repo took the idea, bumped it up a notch into edgy rock, and added a great post apocalyptic story. While I wouldn't consider the music to be Tony award winning it IS catchy and fun. Also, Sarah Brightman shoots hologram lasers out of her eyes....every movie should have that.


Would you consider this a horror film? I'm not sure really. But the gore is definitely on horror film level. Doomsday is a extremely over the top end of the world tale that dares to ask "What would happen if Soccer hooligans took over the world?" If does get a smidge slow when they get to the medieval castle but it makes up for it with the AWESOME car chase afterwards. Also, Eden Sinclair is one of the biggest bad ass women since Ripley from Aliens.

Zombie Strippers

Holy Shit...HOLY SHIT! Boobs and Clown Gore. That's really all this movie is about. But really, you don't need much else when a movie is called Zombie Strippers. That's all I have to say about that.

Drag Me To Hell

Sam Raimi shows that he STILL has it! Has Spiderman softened him? Naaaah. Drag me to Hell is vintage Raimi using comedy and horror to create a truly unique story, endearing characters, and the best Customer Service Nightmare Scenario ever. I equally laughed and screamed at this movie. This one is definitely going into the DVD collection.

30 Days of Night

Yes, I know what you're all thinking.."Cins, You wrote an article about how you were disappointed in this movie. WHY the Hell did you put it on your list?"
Well I have a very good reason..well in my mind a very good reason. I believe that if I didn't read the books first, I would have loved it! Alas, my main problem with this movie was the adaptation between the book and film. The film itself though its very well done. So if you venture towards this film, watch it first, then read the book later . Also, you have to admit, despite the failings of the adaptation story wise, the vampires were spot on and wonderful. Next to Near Dark, they are my favorite interpretation of vampires in a film. That alone earns this movie a spot on my list.


And to cap off my list of the decade...A ZOMBIE FILM! A fantastic zombie film at that! Zombieland may not be as good as Shaun of the Dead in my eyes but if definitely comes in a close second. This movie isn't so much about the zombies, but about the journey and growing each character takes. Not to mention, Woody Harrelson steals the show as Tallahassee. His performance is worth the ticket price alone.

So that's it! The list is done! Huzzah!

Of course, while researching my list I came to the crashing conclusion that I have missed out on a lot of great films out there. So I've made yet ANOTHER list so I can attempt to catch up on the great films that came out. I still need to see Grace, Dead Girl, The Orphanage, My Name is Bruce and TONS of other films.

Until then, folks, happy New Year! We'll see you in 2010!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Cins Favorite Movies of the Decade -Part 4: The New Blood

I am BACK from the holidays! And much fun was had by all!...I really have nothing more to say than that simply because my brain is still a little too fried to be witty.

Do have a quick shout out to the winners of the art work and prints for the Saw contest. Sorry I've been dragging my ass on getting your prizes to you! The holidays have been hectic. But I promise I will be sending them out VERY soon! I will contact you privately via email as soon as its in the mail!
I suck, I know. Thanks for being so patient guys!

Since I'm determined to get this damn list finished BEFORE 2010, here's part four of my overview of shit I liked in the last 10 years.

As usual, no real order than Chronological...very loose chronological:

AvP Requiem

If you've been reading this list from the begining, you can probably tell that I have a weakness for schlock. And the AvP movies don't get much schlockier. The first AvP was okay but that whole trying to make it pg-13 and make the Predator's heroic really didn't do it any favors. So when AvP returned and was rated R, I was very Gung Ho. No real plot, just lots of awesome carnage that the original films gave us. Yes, it did cheapen the profound awesomeness of the original Alien and Aliens but I'm willing to forgive that simply because this movie let an Alien lose in a nursery. It was like watching a fat tourist with a free pass to a Vegas buffet.


Not only one of my favorite horror movies of the decade but one of my favorite movies of ALL TIME. Seriously. I think this was due to the awesome theatrical experience I had seeing this movie. Its a fun double feature with zombies, hot chicks, guns, gore, great fake trailers, and some kick ass women characters. I usually get chastised for this but I actually liked Death Proof more than Planet Terror. No self respecting zombie lover would admit that, I know. I can't help it. Those chicks just KICK ASS.


This was recommended by Johnny over at Freddy In Space. Its a fun homage film to the great 80's slasher films. Not only a great homage but it has enough originality for it to stand on its own. Victor Crowley has a great mythical back story and Kane Hodder, as usual, performs fantastically. So even if you know jack about 80's slasher films, this one will still be a great ride. It also has cameos from many horror film legends. Can you spot them all?

Paranormal Activity

...GOD I love this movie! It takes a lot, and I mean A LOT for a film to get to me. And this movie GOT TO ME. It preys off some of my biggest fears; Demon possession, helplessness, and your loved one not being who you think they are. This combined with the realism of the shakey camcorder style and very real characters creates a formula that will keep Cins awake for three nights. I am going out TODAY to pick this up on DVD. LOVE THIS MOVIE!!!


Another shakey cam movie. And what I believe to be the BEST in the sub genre. Shakey cam and zombies. A perfect combo! I was lucky to stumble upon [REC] when Johnny tossed this to me as a recommendation. The man KNOWS my style! [REC] is relentless in its terror and uses the camera and the setting to its advantage in every way possible. It also has one of the best closing sequences in the horror film ever. The only movie ever to make my husband jump. This one you HAVE to see.


And the third shakey cam film on my list. Both Paranormal Activity and [REC] are superior to this but you really can't knock that its just a fun movie. What I liked was how J.J. Abrams took the monster movie and made it revolve around the poor suckers who were stuck in the path rather than focus on the government or scientists we usually see. I also loved the weird and wacky design of the monster...and I finally got my plushie of it! Oh Happy Christmas indeed!

Dance of the Dead

It seems like a good chunk of this list is dedicated to zombie films. What can I say? I'm a zombie lovin' freakazoid. Dance of the Dead takes the awkwardness of a high school prom and adds zombies. And this made it awesome. I enjoyed my prom but I think zombies would have probably made it more interesting. It has some really great characters including a survivalist gym teacher and a zombie sex scene in a restroom stall. I There's a lot to like about this movie.

Let The Right One In

This is a beautiful and poetic film. Everything about this movie from the dialog to the cinematography was carefully used to invoke a feeling of melancholy that was both sad and lovely. They also casted children in this film that looked like real children which made the story hit you even harder. Less of a horror film and more of a drama with supernatural elements, this movie really changes the way you looks at vampires.

The Midnight Meat Train

Blood, Demons, and Clive Barker. Awwwwww Yeah baby! Okay, well I'm not sure if they were demons but still! This movie was a pleasant surprise for me. The CGI did go a little overboard but it seemed to work for the style. It also created quite an iconic horror villain with Mahogany (Vinnie Jones can convey more with an eye twitch then most actors can with their whole body). Not Clive's best but its signature Barker and has the same intimate feel that Hellraiser had.


I stumbled upon Otis by accident. I still have no idea how this ended up in my Netfix cue. This films is a fantastic satire of the torture porn genre. Even if you're not into torture porn comedy...which I think this is the only film that falls into the it for Illeana Douglas's performance. She's amazing hilarious in this movie.

And there's part 4!

Part five will be short, I promise. Six more movies to go!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Cins' Favorite Movies of the Decade - Part 3 The Reconning

Aaaand We're back with our third installment of shit Cindy liked during the decade!

This will also be my last post until after Christmas. I'll be jumping on a plane tonight and spending the week with my family. And since my parents' computer is older than God, I probably won't have much access to the interwebs.
Just FYI-ing case you're eager to read the rest of this insanity.

So on we go.

Once again, no real order than chronologically:

Land of the Dead

I know a lot of people didn't really like this one but I think it has a certain charm. That and I like John Leguizamo. Romero made the zombies more sympathetic than the humans in this movie and frankly, that's the reason I liked it so much. I was definitely rooting for Big Daddy and his crew to go in and eat some of those asshats in Fiddler's Green.

Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon

This is a great tongue in Cheek mockumetary on Slashers that I really enjoyed. It never got too full of itself and it never outright said "Oh look how clever we are!". It was a fun, sometimes funny, sometimes scary, and very endearing movie about a guy rising to slasher fame. Its worth seeing for Nathan Baesel's performance as Leslie. He's both frighting and adorable.

Black Sheep

I really don't have a lot to say about this movie other than there are killer zombie sheep and a lot of sheep fucking jokes. Yes, I'm juvenile but its fucking funny, Okay?!


Probably the most heart warming zombie film ever created. Its as if Lassie, and the '...of the Dead' films had an adorable love child. This paired with a witty script and an amazing design makes Fido one of my most beloved zombie movies. Not scary, but freakin' adorable!

The Host

I considered this a movie grenade. I wasn't sure if I liked it much when I first saw it. But after some repeat viewings, it has grown on me a lot. I loved the monster in this and the monster attack sequences are brilliant! But the best part of the film is the battle royal at the end between the monster and its kidnap victim's family. Archery is badass.

Silent Hill

I go on and on about this one. I was a big fan of the game back in the day when Nojh and I had time to visit each other and play it. Not only is it a pretty darn good depiction of the game, it stays true to its freaky horror nature. Silent Hill is beautifully grotesque and atmospheric. The music and sound design gives me chills. And the lead characters are four bad ass (or Batshit crazy) women. I absolutely love this horror film.


Jack MacReady: It's obvious the bastard's got lyme disease!

Bill Pardy: What?

Jack MacReady: Lyme disease. You touch some deer feces, and then you... eat a sandwich without washin' your hands. You got your lyme disease!

Bill Pardy: And that makes you look like a squid?

Furthering my love of Nathan Fillion beyond Firefly. Is he this generations Bruce Campbell? Perhaps SO! Rednecks in peril is always a fun time. Slither has a great cast, hilarious dialog, and some fantastic creatures...oh and a woman explodes before eating a possum. GOOD TIMES!

The Wicker Man

...Okay...Here me out...Seriously. I mean it! Seriously! This movie sucked ass. It sucked SO much ass that I'm surprised it doesn't make an appearance in gay porn. Having said that, I have never had more fun watching a movie drunk off my ass than this one. Seriously folks, have you SEEN this movie lit like a roman candle!? Everything Nicolas Cage does in this from karate kicking Leelee Sobieski in the face to punching a woman whilst wearing a bear suit, to screaming "Don't Put Tha Bees In Mah Helmet!!" is COMEDY GOLD! Here's the thing, you need to get drunk and I mean REALLY drunk to see this film. Then invite some friends over and get them really drunk as well. There is NO way in Hell I could sit through this autopsy alone and sober. And don't use beer. We're talking HARD LIQUOR here folks! I recommend doing this ONLY for the brave, the masochistic, and those with a liver of steel.
Or you can just find the best parts of this movie on Youtube. Same thing.


I did an article on this film when we first started the blog, and my opinion still stands. 1408 is a wonderful ghost story with a less is more approach about it. Its pretty much The Shinning's younger, more bitchy brother. A writer, played wonderfully by John Cusack dares to stay a night in the haunted room and bad shit, VERY bad shit happens. I love its simplicity.

28 Weeks Later

While I don't think its as good as 28 Days Later, this one is still pretty damn awesome. 28 Weeks Later takes out most of the optimism that the first film had and presents us with a "Yup, we're fucked" attitude. Its action/horror sequences are amazing. Even if you're not a fan of zombie films this one is worth watching for the opening sequence and the scene in the tube station. HOLY CRAP!

And that's Part three! Part four and five will be joining us after Christmas week. Until then, I hope all you folks have an excellent Holiday!

And Stac, don't play too rough with them.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Cins' Favorite Movies of the Decade - Part 2 Eletric Booglaoo

AAAAND we're back! And the list continues! As you can see, my taste runs the gamut here. But then I'm not a very picky person at times...Okay I'm picky enough to know that Diary of the Dead and The Unborn sucked ass and will not be making an appearance on this list.
So on we go!

Once again, no particular order than somewhat chronological:

A controversial film, yes! Controversial depending on which side of the remake debate you are on. I tend to be mildly indifferent about most remakes which is why this one was a pleasant surprise. In my mind, there was absolutely no way this movie was going to live up to the original. And you know what? It didn't. But going in with that thought I managed to watch the movie with a clean slate and enjoy it. As a stand alone horror film its extremely entertaining and I did enjoy watching our heroine run over then back up and run over again one of our villains.

ANOTHER remake! And I will say this one is one of the more superior remakes out there. What Dawn of lacks in the social commentary the original one had, it MORE than makes up for it in the zombie action sense. They took fast zombies and made them meaner and scarier than 28 Days Later. It also has one of the best opening sequences ever in a horror film. I featured it on 10 minutes of terror. MIGHT be able to consider this a remake. But I have to admit, if you do consider it a remake, its a remake that was FAR superior to the original. Exorcist the Beginning is afterbirth. Plain and simple. Dominion, while not as brilliant as The Exorcist, does a wonderful job keeping with the themes of the original as well as showing us what Father Merrin was before Regan was possessed. But if you look for this look for DOMINION not Exorcist the Beginning...because if you watch the later your face will melt off. Seriously. I've seen it happen.

TOTAL guilty pleasure movie brought to you by Stac! She brought over The Hazing two convergences ago to show me its campy awesomeness. And thats what it is CAMPY AWESOMENESS. The amount of camel toe alone in this film is breath taking. If you're looking for a fun drunken horror movie night film, this is it!

Nasty Gorey Asian Fun! That's really the best way to describe Infection. While its not the best Asian extreme out there, the gore is well done and the visuals are creepy and insane! Worth the rent!

Not a fan of the franchise. I'll admit that. And that is because the other Saw films lack what the original had. The first Saw was a sophisticated, gritty thriller. It more about the situation and less about the traps and THAT was where the terror was. There was gore but not as much as you would be lead to believe looking at the sequels. Jigsaw was an incredible villain, the twist at the end was jaw dropping and countless films after it are STILL trying to imitate it.

Best zombie comedy ever? I do believe so! And every zombie comedy pales in comparison. Shaun of the Dead is a masterpiece with great characters, tons of homages to classic Romero films, and a love story at its core. This is the film I think about whenever there is talk of a real zombie Apocalypse.

This movie really doesn't get enough credit. But then Dark Water is less about spooky ghosts and more about a mother on the edge of a breakdown. Jennifer Connelly's performance is so beautiful and strained as her character struggles with a bitter divorce, having no income, and struggling with her daughter's troubles. The ghost story creates a foil for her breakdown and we're treated to an amazing character study of a woman haunted not only physically, but psychologically as well. Do NOT expect The Ring or The Grudge when going into this. This is something on a whole other level.

Words cannot express my love for this movie. Cramped places, crazy bitches, and creepy ass monsters! And that's just the TIP of the iceberg. The Descent is the only move I've seen that truly captures that horrible sense of claustrophobia and uses it through out the film. The acting is top notch and is one of the few horror films out there that features an all female cast...except maybe those cave lemurs..not sure if they have genitalia.

The Exorcism of Emily Rose

I'm a sucker for a good exorcism. I'm sure its because I was brought up Catholic. Part horror film, part court room drama, all engrossing. I found the entire film really intriguing and thought Jennifer Carpenter's performance was outstanding. While it did have some slow parts, it more thank makes up for it with the botched exorcism scene.

So there is Part TWO of my favorites of the decade! And I would guess about two more posts to go. Hang on tight folks!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Cins' Favorite Movies of the Decade - Part 1

So the holiday slump has set in I assure you. Life has been crazy busy...and full of booze.

...lots of booze.

But in an attempt to keep things as active as possible, I'll be posting yet another series on the blog. I realized that I have seen some pretty dang good horror in the last decade so why not do a quick "In Review" post? Well that quick in review turned into a list that consists of over 40

And keep in mind this only consists of movies I've seen. I still have movies like "Grace" and "Dead Girl" waiting in my cue. I've never claimed to be on the pulse of the horror movie community. My timing is always off by 6 months to a year, I'll admit it. But I like to think what I lack in variety I make up with good intentions and a mighty fine ass.

...Too much information?

So without further are 10 of my favorites for Part 1.

These are in no particular order other than chronological:

Final Destination
Yes, its total schlock. Yes, it has no point. Yes, its TONS of fun. I really love this movie simply for the creative improbable death scenes. There, I said it. There's really not much more to the film than that and it delivers! And while the sequels get more and more creative with the death scenes, I still feel the first one is the best in the series simply because it was the only one that wasn't a rehash of the same damn story.

Ginger Snaps
So my friend sat me down and told me "Boy, do I have the best pubescent girl werewolf movie for YOU!". And after I shook of the initial WTFery of that statement, I watched Ginger Snaps. I was kinda skeptical at first thinking this was going to be a movie about angsty teens and dramatic werewolves...and it is but its pulled off masterfully. Ginger Snaps delivers a perfect parallel between a girl growing into woman hood and a woman turning into a werewolf. Trust me guys, for some of us chicks, this is what puberty felt like.

Ju-On/The Grudge
Yeah, lumping the two in together simply because they're the same movie overall. And yes, I'm sure I'll get some flack for that but I really loved both Ju-On and The Grudge. Both are delightfully creepy and have some great sounds. That may seem ridiculous but the sound design is a big factor in its scares. Its also one of the few films where not even the sanctuary of your bed is safe from angry little Japanese women in need of a hot oil treatment.

The Devil's Backbone
This is more of a drama than a horror film but it has some frightening moments and one of the most grotesquely beautiful ghosts ever put on film. Guillermo del Toro showed what a masterful film maker he is with this wonderful book end to Pan's Labyrinth. And while Pan's Labyrinth is a better film, The Devil's Backbone is far more raw and frightening. If you haven't seen this movie, DO EEEEET!

The Others
I'm a sucker for ghost stories and British people. The Others wins simply for the amazing tension it creates. Nicole Kidman puts on one of the best performances of her career as the over protective, over zealous mother in a haunted house. The scares in this are all done in a less is more manner using sound, lighting, story, and simple effects. Its a wonderful film full of dread and anxiety.

Session 9
Did a review on this a while back. Stac introduced me to this mind fuck of a movie. Its definitely more of a supernatural thriller than a out and out horror film. Session 9 is a beautiful, creepy, and atmospheric film that never outright tells you what is going on. There are so many theories on what the film's ending really is and each one is valid! Total Mind Fuck!

Thir13en Ghosts
Okay, okay yes. This movie is NOT SCARY. I am fully aware of that. But its just so damn fun I just don't care. Everything from Mathew Lillard's smart ass psychic (who I adore in this movie) to the sassy black nanny is extremely cliche and ridiculous. But the ghosts are fantastic and the glass house is charming in a "that is SO not possible!" way. If you have seen the DVD, the back story of each ghost is great. This one is great for drunken horror movie night.

28 Days Later
This movie is brilliant. Hands down. Danny Boyle took a simple scenario seen before and turned it into a beautiful philosophical film about human companionship and humanity itself. Not to mention he took zombies and made them FUCKING FAST! I don't care who you are, if you saw one of those infected bastards coming at you, you'd shit your pants. It also sparked the debate of if the infected in 28 Days Later are really zombies or not which is always a fun fight to watch at parties.

Bubba Ho-Tep
Bruce Campbell at his finest. This movie only makes me love him more. Bruce steps into a roll that proves to the world that yes, he is more than just a gorgeous chin. The man can act. An ancient mummy comes to a old folks home to feed off the souls of the elderly...and only Elvis and JFK can stop them. Best movie premise ever. But don't let that synopsis fool you, Bubba Ho-Tep is more than just some goofy horror film, it tackles some serious subjects. This movie has a lot of layers.

This movie is the reason I fear people with social problems. Its equal parts heart breaking and FUBAR'd. May's greatness owes a lot to its lead actress Angela Bettis who played the title character so vulnerable you just want to sob. And when she does go on her little rampage at the end, you can't help but feel yourself rooting for her.

Freddy vs Jason
I don't care if you're a hater, I love this movie and I have no problem admitting it. Does that mean I have taste for shit? Perhaps. But come on, we ALL wanted to see these two either fight to the death or make out with each other....okay maybe Stac and I only wanted to see the later. This movie was so lovingly created by people who adore both the Nightmare and Friday franchises that you just can't help but be swept up in their enthusiasm. FvJ was good old fashion fun.

So there are the first 10 on my long list of insanity. And at least forty more to go. So strap in kiddies, its gonna be a long trip!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Animated Christmas Horror


I have been out of commission temporarily due to end of the quarter itis. I finally declared my major (history), and this is the first quarter I've taken as declared; I wrote a lot. A LOT. I think probably around fifty pages, just for the end of the quarter? I like to write, but damn, you guys. DAMN. To add to that, it's (gloriously) butt-wheemingly cold; I went to my final final today (a glorious pairing of words!), and it was, no kidding, two degrees out. Not twenty two, not forty two, TWO. I walk to class. I never get cold, but holy shit, I was cold. It's so frigid here that the steam grates, while still steaming away, have actually grown a healthy beard of hoarfrost. I had no idea that steam and frost could co-exist, but in central Washington it's currently happening. I felt the way Jack Nicholson looked at the end of The Shining by the time I got inside and in front of my space heater.

Before we get into the title of this article, I must give big, wet, lickory kisses to Cins, who did a marvelous job of holding down the blog whilst I was off reflecting on why Bonnie Prince Charlie was actually a douche nozzle. She also observed our first anniversary with a LOVELY drawing, and I just wanna say: Cins, you're awesome. An awesome writer, an awesome artist, and best of all, an awesome friend. Thank you for not only letting me get my shenanigans all over you, but for also actively participating in them!

Now, on to the thrust of this post! I love Christmas horror almost as much as I love Halloween horror. I think it's the juxtaposition between the imagery and then what's going on; in particular I love Christmas set ghost stories. Now I love Christmas, I really do; in fact I'm sitting next to my tree as I type this. But Halloween wasn't that long ago, and I feel like everything is still thin; what is a hazy thought laying in a hammock in July seems so much more real when huddled next to a heater or fireplace in December. Is it a recollection of some kind of shared, genetic recall that winter frequently meant death? Fuck if I know, I just know it's creepy.

There are some really great gems hidden, if you know where to look, and I'm not talking about the obvious choices like Silent Night, Deadly Night or any of its ilk. I'm talking about cartoons.

Specifically this time 'round, I'm talking about two of my favorite animated Christmas specials: the original How the Grinch Stole Christmas, and Billy and Mandy Save Christmas. We've all seen the Grinch, so I'll keep mention of it here minimal: angry, green, fuzzy man decides that he hates Christmas, so no one gets it. This guy is the original creeper, too boot, and steals everything, then learns a valuable lesson about where Christmas is truly housed: in the heart, rendering it accessible to anyone who wants it. It's wonderful, and if you haven't seen it then you're either a cultureless tit or you don't have TBS.

Watch, lest I fuck you up in some fashion.

What I really want to pimp out is Billy and Mandy. This is the Christmas special for the Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, and it's sick and hilarious all at once. Ever thought your Christmas special needed more vampires? More Malcolm McDowell? More Malcolm McDowell as a vampire? More Malcolm McDowell as a vampire singing Singing in the Rain, one of the most disturbing nods to pop culture ever seen in what is ostensibly a show for children?

I wanted to show pictures of the amazingly fucked up character design for Baron von Ghoulish, but apparently I'm the only person on our glorious water planet that wants to look at screen captures and giggle at the memory of the terrible American accent Mr. McDowell does at one point. Seriously. It's my favorite part of the whole show.

The gist is this: somehow Santa Claus has been turned into a vampire, and it turns out that Grim (the grim reaper and unwilling slave to the tiny blond tyrant that is Mandy) went to college with Santa. Mrs. Clause calls Grim for help, and the denouement is hilarious and wrong. I'll give you two small tastes: for the first and only time Gilbert Godfry was tapped to voice Santa, and this isn't the first time this has happened to Saint Nick!

It's a great show, and the holiday specials tend to be aces in my book. Cartoon Network tends to show this a lot, so if it's on give it a watch! You'll never look at dustbusters the same way again.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

10 Minutes of Terror: The Exorcist III

Hey Folks!
This one is a short and sweet scene that I feel the need to include in 10 Minutes of Terror. Its actually not even close to being 10 minutes...more like a 58 seconds.
I make it no secret that I absolutely love The Exorcist III. Is it as good as the original? Nope. And yes it DOES have Fabio in an angel costume which is just fucking weird.
But I really feel that the Exorcist III tried its best to keep the feel of the original Exorcist and for the most part, it succeeded.
But I digress. This post is about my favorite scene in the film. The Nurse Station Scene aka., The White Sheet Scene.

Lets take a look.

This moment happens right after the nurse in the red sweater goes to check on a patient and ends up getting a little jump scare from something harmless. Is it a cheap ploy to lure you into something bigger? Oh yeah. But it works. And it works well.
Now when I hunted this scene down on youtube I was surprised to see the entire sequence was less than a minute. The first time I saw it, it fell like eternity. But that just goes to show you how well they were able to build up the tension in this short scene. The stationary long shot is so far away that you can't make out anyone's features. It also has the qualities of a security camera which gives a very voyeuristic feel. The colors in the scene were drab and cold, even the background people were in colors that disappeared. This made the nurse's sweater stand out and you can't help but watch that sweater the entire moment. The entire scene is very mundane. No score, nothing urgent happening, and you can't even see expressions on people's faces to get any clue of what could be happening with them. It creates a blank canvas that lures you into a false sense of security.
Then BAM! Money shot! That weird shrill horn and a fast zoom in to...what the hell IS that anyways?!...Yes I know its an old lady in a sheet but the first time I saw that it went so fast that I jumped and thought maybe it was a creature instead of a person. I'd also like to point out the horrific device the sheeted person is carrying. We do find out that its a device used in Autopsies...charming.

I really do love this scene. The Exorcist III does have its faults yes. And The movie itself is more creepy and atmospheric than truly scary. But its extremely interesting and has some great acting involved. I highly recommend tossing this up on the Netflix if you haven't seen it.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

So...a new holiday horror film? I think so!

Okay hear me out.

I think most Holiday horror movies are pretty awesome. I mean we got killer snowmen, killer santas, and killer...well you get the idea. Yet no one has YET tackled the scariest holiday day ever.
That's right folks. No one to my knowledge has tackled this day. And why not? Come on, have you SEEN some of the people out there on Black Friday?! I went once in my life...ONCE... and never again. The pushing, the screaming, the trampling. OYE! almost makes someone want to cut lose with a machete, don't it?

So I think there needs to be a Black Friday horror film. And it must involve the following:

  • Disgruntled Retail employees.
  • Midnight Madness.
  • Tickle Me Elmo.
  • Somewhere, somehow, a Walmart.
  • A Muzak version of "The Little Drummer Boy".
  • A Machete.
  • Shoppers being trampled.
  • A cleverly dressed completely decked out in shopping bags and livers or something.
  • Fat lady in a stained Christmas Sweater.

I mean the kills practically write themselves, here. Okay heard my case...get crackin'!!

These Holiday horror thoughts brought to you by crack!