Wednesday, September 1, 2010


The orange and the black is upon us! HALLOWEEN SEASON IS OFFICIALLY OPEN! It's always open for me, but that's because I live on the grounds and never really leave Halloween. Brief detour for Christmas, but I am the Keeper of the Creepy.

To commemorate this Season of Spooky, I have links!

I-Mockery has started their two months of Halloween celebration, beginning today! Go give it a look, they have great content and creepy content both!

X-Entertainment is still in the Summer Party, but I know Matt loves Halloween, and he's already dropping hints on how awesome this year's Halloween Countdown is going to be, so I would imagine it'll start soon, so keep an eye out!

WOOHOOO! Let us celebrate the orange and the black and the purple! My favorite time of year is about to start!


The Spooky Vegan said...


Halloween is my fave as well; can't wait to read all the great posts that come out this time of year!

Happy haunting! :)

Stac said...

I know, I've been running around and bouncing up and down at work because I'm so excited! :D

Season's screamings! :D

A Cinematic Slice of Cheese said...

I am going as Guy Fieri this year