Sunday, October 31, 2010

Creepy Kitch Halloween Spectacular Extravaganza! simply put it, another episode where Stac and Cins ramble on about various things ad Nausea.

So here it is, our Halloween Special!
This is different from our usual episodes as it in lack the usual movie reviews. On our special bonus episode Stac and Cins chat about various Halloween-y type of things such as; what films are tradition to watch on Halloween for us, stories on Trick or Treating past, Ghost stories, and other general craziness.
We also give a long list of thank you shout outs to our other friends, podcasters and other folk who has helped us on this wacky journey.


1 comment:

MW said...

I think I like your rambling. Though the manners are lacking, with the constant throat clearing, and fumbling through bags of candy on mic.

I enjoyed the 10 skinny dipping stories though... those sounded like the perfect start for a horror film, or written story at least - what happened after the guy repeatedly honked his horn at you and drove off. I would certainly never go back to that park again... can't believe you went back so many times. Guess you were subconsciously collecting stories to tell on a future pod.