Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Listener's Choice Approaches!

Hey Folks!
While we wait for our Gare-Bear to work his magic on Episode 9, we're plotting ahead for our send listener's choice episode! And guess what? We need help!
If you haven't already, toss us a title you'd like us to check out and discuss for Episode 10. We'll chose two from the list.
Remember, the more obscure and weird, the better...as long as we can find it and WATCH it.

So far on this list we have:
Something Wicked This Way Comes
The Burbs
Live Freaky, Die Freaky
The Saw movies
They Live

If you second any of these or if you have your own suggestion, toss it over! If we don't pick your film this time, rest assured, it will go back in the pool for next time....or it may inspire its own episode!

Lay it on us!


Nojh said...

Ooh. I loved They Live as a kid. Watched it all the time whenever it came on TV over the weekends.

A Cinematic Slice of Cheese said...

Burnt Offerings with Karen Black and Oliver Reed

Anonymous said...

Hey, zombiecoffee here, and I'm going to second my suggestion of Live Freaky, Die Freaky, watch this clip and tell me you can resist


Anonymous said...

Again I mention Karmina!


It's silly fun!

Matthew said...

Stuck (2007) starring Mena Suvari and Steven Rea, only because I haven't heard anyone else's opinion of it, other than just discussions about Suvari's unfortunate hairstyle in the film.

Taylor said...

I second The 'Burbs!

Kayla said...

Dance of the Dead!!!

Jessica said...

Okay, it's probably waaay too late foryou to consider this, as I JUST foun d out about your blog three days ago, and have read the entire thing in this time. Yes. The ENTIRE thing. Anyway. Campfire Tales. Not the newer one, but the early nineties one. It is the WORST movie ever made. I promise.

Stac said...

Jessica, we're glad to have you, and you're not too late at all, so Campfire Tales will be added to the pool! Thanks for reading-- that's a LOT of penis references to take in one sitting!

Stac said...

And thanks to the rest of you for your suggestions, we've added them to the list!

Roy, hilariously I mentioned Burnt Offerings in upcoming ep 9. Prophetic!