Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Creepy Kitch Episode 9 - Vincent Price is a Suave M.F.

Holy Crap! Its about time!

This Episode Stac and Cins discuss two fantastic Vincent Price movies: the 1964 Classic, Masque of the Red Death and the surreal 1971 cult classic the Abdominal Dr. Phibes.
Also, the weekly fuck off, horror crush, won tons, art haters, and Stac touches herself while watching Charlie Brown Christmas.

Sorry about the delay folks. We ran into some editing issues. Our wonderful Gare-bear seems to be MIA. :( If anyone knows our Gary, let him know we miss him and we hope he's alright!

Special thanks to our listener and friend Lou for taking the reigns this episode.


Nojh said...

Yay! Welcome back!

Only problem is I don't see the MP3 for download... :(

Cins said...

Weird. Its showing up here and on iTunes no prob for me :/

zombiecoffee aka coffeemug aka sarah said...

Great show ladies, would love to go drinking with you sometime. wish i could help with the editing issues but I'm trying to get my own thing going right now with zero money for equipment and I can't figure out where that damn buzzing is coming from. UGH! Looking forward to the listener's choice show, hope you decided to pick mine.

gryspirit said...

Buzzing sound in your audio is most likely from some power in your computer. Its when your power cables are not insulated enough your getting interference from it.

Anonymous said...

I am very sorry. I really tried to listening to your podcast. But it just doesn't seem to fit my needs. But maybe there are people who are interested in 15 minute talks about what you've had to eat. Best wishes, wus

Stac said...

That's okay, Anonymous. We'll be sure to refund all the money you spent to listen to us. Go spend those imaginary pennies on someone who does meet your needs.

Do hookers come cheap?

Cins said...

Thank you Mr. Troll. We will be sure to take your non existent critiques into consideration. :)