Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Creepy Kitch Helps Japan.

Hey All
Us Gals at Creepy Kitch will soon be releasing Episode 12 which, instead of being about the Let The Right One In movies like we mentioned in our previous episode, will be one on two Japanese films we love; Ju-On and Hausu aka House.

To help out with the horrible disaster in Japan, Stac and I decided we will start a fundraising campaign for Tsunami Relief.

Stac will be debuting her contribution to the cause as soon as she's back home. But until then, I'm offering up three prints for your purchase! Click on the image to get a more detailed look!

Happy Birthday Creepy Kitch
by ~CinsAngel on deviantART

Zombie on a Hamster Wheel
by ~CinsAngel on deviantART

Jason Makes a Compost Heap
by ~CinsAngel on deviantART

You have your choice of Happy Birthday Creepy Kitch, Zombie in a Hamster Wheel, or Jason Makes a Compost Heap as a print. They are $7.00 each and feel free to order all three! All %100 of the proceeds will go to Tsunami Relief in Japan via the Red Cross.

Click the button below and donate today! Be sure to specify which prints you are purchasing when you check out. We will let you know how much we managed to collect on Episode 13.
Thanks everyone for your help.

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Nojh said...

Awesome! Except that I can't figure out how to order more than one print with the buy button. :(