Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Welcome to our little corner of insanity!

Hi There! And Welcome to Creepy Kitch! A blog about all things horror and creepy written by yours truly, Cins and Stac, yours...evily.
Stac and I have been old friends for years. One of our bonds? Horror films. We relish the genre and have been reveling in it for quite a few years now. Most of our online, and in person time together is filled with long talks about horror films, ghost and gravestone tours, ghost hunting, and how funny the kids that shop at the Hot Topic store are. The two of us have an appreciation for the creepy, quirky, strange, and macabre that we can talk about for hours and hours...and hours.
After reading posts from the horror blog Freddy In Space (Its awesome! Read it!) we felt inspired to start up our own! While movies will be our main focus, we also plan to touch on other subjects such as creepy products, websites, books, tours, and other fun things that give us the willies. Neither of us are professional writers but we are opinionated bitches and love to share. We hope you all share with us as well!
So stay tuned! We have some wacky, crazy, bloody fun coming your way.
...and I'll make sure that Stacy puts down the chainsaw long enough to write.

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