Monday, March 22, 2010

Be Prepared...


is Stac


Is Cins.

Together, their vaginas are haunted.

But other than that. I'm sure you're wondering "Hmm..the girls have been pretty quiet lately.". OR you've been wondering "JEEZUS! Don't they ever update regularly?! EVER?!"
Well either way, we have quite the legitimate reason to have gone so quiet over this month. Reasons that don't involve finals, mortgage, work, or taking the time out to beat someone senseless on Pirates of the Caribbean.

And this plan has been in the works since last year's Convergence.

Stac and I are pretty avid Podcast listeners. Stac has heard just about all of them. I'm just getting started, being addicted to Cadaver Lab, Night of the Living Podcast, and now dabbling in The Dark Hours Podcast, and Drunken Zombie. After some lengthy discussion and copious amounts of wine, Stac and I decided to join in on the fun. Welcome to the wonderful world of Podcasting, Creepy Kitch.

We still plan to blog here like usual, but now, we will also be releasing a Podcast every two weeks. Our first recording session will be this Thursday night and BOY do we have a doozy lined up! Hopefully you'll stay tuned to listen to our Sexy sexy voices...and by sexy I mean liquor drenched and surly.
We'll be making an announcement on the blog about our first broadcast this week so Stay Tuned!

EDIT: Note to not moderate comments when not awake. Sorry folks. I hit the wrong button and rejected comments for this post...because I'm talented like that. Feel free to post them again!


Matthew said...

Luckily, if they were Gmail, you can still read them in your trash.

Cins said...

Matthew>>Well luckily I read them before I hit the button of doom. Still feel like a moron though. SO need to be awake before I do these things.
Thank you for the Twitter shout out! That was super awesome of you:)