Monday, March 8, 2010

Horror Shout Outs at the Oscars!

This isn't only a great day for women in Hollywood, its a FABULOUS day for horror fans!

The gal of the hour (and the one I was rooting for), Kathryn Bigelow won the Oscar for best director! She is not only the first woman in history to win best director, she is also the director of one of THE BEST vampire films ever made, Near Dark! Granted, she didn't win for Near Dark... since that was made over 20 years ago...but still, props to a fellow uterus for winning!

Also, Roger Corman won a lifetime achievement award which makes be endlessly happy. Call him a hack all you like but you can't deny those Vincent Price Edgar Allen Poe films he did are total unabashed AWESOMENESS. I love ya, Roger, you old coot!

Also, Hollywood gave us horror fans a shout out with a little tribute to horror. A little cheesy tribute to horror yes but HEY, any bone ya throw to me as a fan is usually appreciated! Though I still stand by my convictions that it should have been introduced by Kathy Bates instead of the Twilight folk. Not because I hate Twilight (I'm pretty indifferent about it) but because I really don't consider Twilight in the horror genre. I also don't consider Edward Scissorhands to be a horror film either but they stuck that one in there too. *shrugs*
Oh Hollywood. You crazy.

See the tribute here. This also includes the great Paranormal Activity parody they did on the show:

And...erm......anyone else thought Eli Roth looked adorable in his little tuxedo?

He was there with his bro-mantic partner, Quentin Tarantino. I think they make a cute couple and just want to fold Eli up and put him in my pocket...even if he is over six feet tall. I may not think his movies are the end all be all and yes, he can be kinda a douche at adorable adorable douche. But he'll always be a little pocket gore hound to me.
...Don't you ask me to explain my attractions! Stacy already admitted to wanting to have sex with Jason so at LEAST give me this!
Don't judge meeeeee!!!


Stac said...

I didn't say I WANTED to have sex with Jason, I said I wanted to have sex with Ken Kirzinger who PLAYED Jason. He's six foot seven. SIX FOOT SEVEN! I would climb him, as crazy folk would do the mighty Everest!

I also WONDERED what would happen if Jason had sex-- would he machete himself?

And it's not my fault that Derek Mears has a nice tight ass, now is it!?

Plus: Eli Roth's cute, man. I'd climb him like a slightly less mighty Everest.

Cins said...

Stac>>climb him and hump him into submission like a howler monkey?
And yes, Mr. Mears has a nice ass...I'll pay you a dollar to touch it.
My bad, You wanted to have sex with the ACTOR...But you did have erotic dreams about Micheal Myers...I went and reread the article for that one.

Eli is adorable. I have an
unexplainable crush on him.

Stac said...

This is true, I did have weird, erotic dreams about Micheal Myers. Weird part was that I'd never seen any of the movies when I had them.

Yeah right, and then get my ass kicked by his whatever? YOU touch his ass for a dollar!

He is. It's funny, I don't much like his movies-- no slam on him, I'm just not a gore hound-- but darned if I don't love interviews with him!

jenn_dorris said...

First f all... who in the hell decided that Twilight was a horror flick, or that the Twilight teens should be introducing a tribute to horror. Anybody would have been a better choice. eli roth, Quentin Tarantino, George Clooney... Hell! Kathey Bates was even there. Bad taste in my opinion. Speaking of eli Roth... You are not alone on this. Not only do I love his creative genius... I think he is one sexy bitch. I don't really dig his acting skills, but seeing his face in front of a camera never makes me upset. Thanks for the great blog guys. I look forward to reading more.

A Cinematic Slice of Cheese said...

you girls and your horror sex fantasies.

As for the Oscar horror tribute? Fuck Twilight, the segment should have been either introduced by actors who got their starts in horror (like Kathy Bates, Kevin Bacon, Johnny Depp, Jamie Lee Curtis and Jennifer Aniston), horror oscar nominees (Kathy Bates, Anthony Hopkins, and Linda Blair) or the holy trinity: John Carpender, George Romero and Wes Cravin. Any of those would have been better than TEAM JACOB.

Stac: I am meeting Ken Kirzinger in August.

Stac said...

Slice, you better point that huge, delicious slab of Canadian man meat this way!

Cins said...

Jenn>>Thank GOD I'm not alone! You know, if Quentin Tarantino looked more like Eli Roth I wouldn't mind his shitty acting either.

Cheesy Roy>> I believe you said the magic words!