Sunday, April 25, 2010

Creepy Kitch Podcast Episode 2: Horror Comedies

Stac and Cins are back with Episode 2, Horror Comedies that AREN'T Shaun of the Dead!
We discuss The Fearless Vampire Killers, Vampires Anonymous, and Undead...when we're not going off on more tangents. Our sound Quality is SLOWLY improving...the key word here is slowly....slooooooooowly.

Give It A Listen!


Stac said...

Man, I am belligerent in this episode! No more drinking and casting for me!

Matthew said...

Thanks god you're not covering Shaun of the Dead :) It's not the only one that exists in that genre. I've not seen any of the three you mentioned, so I'm interested in hearing what you girls have to say.

I'll have to refresh my iTunes feed in the morning to see if it's working good ;)

Stac said...

Let us know either way, will you, Matthew?

Cins said...'re a mean drunk.

Hmmm..looks like the last five minutes of the cast got cut off. Weird. o.O

Nojh said...

I have it downloading on iTunes! I'll give it a listen on my way home tonight.

One note, I noticed iTunes reports your email as (Cins). Which I don't think is right. :)

A Cinematic Slice of Cheese said...

I actually heard the poo eating is shown in The Human Centipede. A test audience was handed barf buckets. The critic for EW said the audience was cringing at the film

A Cinematic Slice of Cheese said...

And please keep the Fuck off segment

Cins said...

Nojh>>*L* yeah, I'll have to fix that, I've just been lazy.

Cheesy Roy>>*L* I think we'll be taknig turns with the Fuck Off Segment. And well..Yeah I'm probably going to pass on The Human Centipede. Not a big fan of the Poo Eating films. *L*

matthew>> I really liked all three movies so I think they're worth checking out. Especially VA.

Matthew said...

Thanks for the mention on the show... that made me smile ("...skeevy Hannah Montana avatar...")!

Your iTunes feed works fine... you girls really got it going nicely. A lot of podcasts really struggle in their first few episodes to do the smallest things.

I'd love to hear more regular segments on the show, aside from reviews only, like you attempted this week.

I didn't particularly care for the spoiling of a few of the films you discussed, though. With V.A., I felt like you went into entirely too much detail, and I'm worried that if I see it now, I'll be able to predict every single joke, having heard you ladies recount them all.

Otherwise, great second episode!

Nojh said...

So I'm not too sure about this podcast thing. Cause everybody seems to be a way faster listerner than I am. I can't really listen to you guys at work cause I want to listen to you guys. And my work commute is only 10-15 minuets. So its like.. DAYS before I can even comment. And in the mean time get to hear strange comments like "Keep the Fuckoff Segment" before I even listen!

I'm ranting this is in no way your fault. Unless you wanna shorten your podcasts for little old me? *smiles innocently*

Hey it'll work one of these days.

Excellent podcast! I have a few comments:

Stac: Twilight sucks! HA! Make me cry, I dare you!

So all three of these movies sound hilarious, although the 3rd one I didn't really get a feel for what the movie was about so much as how silly weird all the characters were. I want to say I've seen the 3rd movie because the idea of a gay son vampire seems very very familiar. The second movie just sounds utterly hilarious and I /need/ to watch it.

I also want to point out that the Romero undead series wasn't the popular undead series through the 90s. There was also the Return of The Living Dead series, which I want to say was the first series to characterize zombies as being brain eaters specifically. Not sure though. But unlike the Night of the Living Dead stuff, the Return of The Living Dead series was all about the kitsch rather than the social commentary. You guys should watch those movies! I haven't seen the last two but #3 was hilarious and one of the first attempts I know of to make a sexy zombie.

Actually I have a suggestion! You don't seem to be running a review show so much as a 'And this was awesome and this was awesome' after the commentary track. So I think you guys, if you're going to do movie reviews, should post like a week ahead of when you post your podcast, of what movies you'll be watching, and then we can watch 'em before we listen to the podcast (if we like) and laugh along with you, or treat it like a spoliery review if we're not sure we want to see it or not.

Because really listening to you two is like listening to a bunch of friends laughing about a movie I'm waiting in line to see, which is awesome and not at the same time.

Kudos on the cliffhanger ending! I totally wanted to know why someone was putting on makeup. ;)

And you two are always funny so don't stop. I'm interested to see where or what this turns into!

Matthew said...

Nohj, I like the idea of posting a list of some of the films they plan to cover - ahead of time. We can't all watch those exact 3 films the week before, but we could pick a few at least :)

It also took me a while to listen to the complete podcast, but I had a rough time at work this week, with few spare minutes to listen in (plus I work in a loud place, so I struggle to hear you girls over everything). Then my iPod cable on my truck started malfunctioning, so I couldn't listen to the CK podcast any day this week during the commute.

So, while my comments may not always be timely, rest assured that I'm listening!

Matthew said...

Forgot to say, yeah, I love Twilight too. The official convention is in my town this weekend, and I'm seriously considering going.

So, you're not alone Stac. It's a great book series, and it has some equally good adaptations to the big screen.

Cins said...

Nojh>*L* Well we were planning on a preview but we didn't decide what to do for Ep 2 until like...right before Ep 2. But I just posted a preview for Ep 3 so that way you can play along.:)
As for making the eps shorter...I honestly don't think Stac or I are psychologically capable of shortening our conversations. Trust me, we tried. So you'll have to endure, hon. It can't be too hard. After all, you had to endure a couple weekend of my nonstop talking before! ;D
...and she is SO going to make you cry.

Matt>>Your icon amuses both of us greatly;)And rest assured, we didn't spoil EVERY joke so hopefully the movie will still hold a few surprises for you! Even so, I don't think our conversations even did the movie justice so definitely check it out when you can.:)

Matt AND Nojh>> I haven't run the idea past Stac yet...and hopefully she won't beat me at the idea of it...but I was thinking about down the road, once we hit our stride, doing a listeners choice episode where you guys suggest some movies for us to check out. Once again, not sure if we're going to do that since we still have a ton of stuff to work out with the cast.
Thanks both of you guys for listening and for the feedback. We really appreciate it!

Stac said...

MAtt: I love you. ;.; Marry me. We can read the books and listen to the audio books together. I live in Washington; I AM going to Forks, hopefully this summer.

Nojh: Before I make you cry I must ask you a series of questions: how attached would you say you are to your penis? In both the physical AND the literal sense?

Roy: You are fucking fabulous, and I am SO addicted to the Sassycast!

Matt and Nojh: I love you both, and thanks both for listening and providing feedback! I think the week ahead thing is a great idea, and then I won't feel so guilty if we spoil. And regarding Vampires Anonymous, rest assured, there were whole plot angles we didn't even touch on; those jokes were just a few. See the movie, it's great!

Cins: That's a great idea, actually!

Anonymous said...

This was another fun episode. I really want to check out Vampires Anonymous. ^_^ The other two sound interesting too.

Matthew said...

Finally got around to seeing Vampires Anonymous today. You girls didn't spoil it too badly. It was better than I thought it would be, so I'm glad I stuck with it to the end (as opposed to giving up halfway).

I was surprised they made a horror comedy without referencing ANY other piece of pop culture. I was dually surprised to see the release date of the film (looked much older!) as well as that the director has had such a weak career following the film. That's the real shame of it. He has talent, clearly... it's going to waste.