Thursday, April 15, 2010

FINALLY! : Creepy Kitch Podcast Episode 1!!

So Stac and I have determined one despise us.
It hates us with with the fire of a thousand flaming nuns.
Have you ever seen a flaming nun? Trust me..they're hot. Literally.

But after wrestling with conversion issues, recording times, mic troubles, and still trying to figure out how to get our theme song onto the track (which, by the way, we haven't yet. So we have no theme music this episode), we finally go SOMETHING up! FINALLY! Its a small victory for us. But one that feel OH so glorious.

So here you have it folks, Creepy Kitch the Podcast, Episode 1 - Children in Peril!

On our fresh virgin episode Stac and I review Silent Hill, Dolls, and The Gate.

Some quick notes: Our sound quality isn't that great (Well actually my side of the cast is pretty damn quiet...stupid Skype) and this is mostly my fault. My Mac went kerflooy a few months back and I've been operating on my husband's laptop. And unfortunately the poor lil thing doesn't have enough power for me to get a good sound mixer. BUT I am working towards getting a new computer and when I do...well I'll eventually figure out how to get better sound quality. Next ep we promise that you'll be able to hear me better. Until then I really hope it won't detour you from listening to us. Occasionally Stac and I say something profound.
...Actually we just curse a lot.
Regardless, enjoy! We hope it was worth the wait!
If anyone has any advice on how to get better sound please let us know! We're open to suggestions!!


Matthew said...

Downloading now... will attempt to answer your questions as soon as I get a chance to listen!

DOLLS. Can't wait to hear your thoughts on that piece of ... filmmaking history.

Nojh said...

Awesome!!! I'm not going to listen to it right away. I'm going to put it on my podcast listener and listen to it on my drive tonight. But yay! I've been waiting for this for awhile!

Nojh said...

Hmm. You guys should look into updating your blog somehow. The RSS feed doesn't display any podcasts when you pass it into a podcatcher/iTunes.

Minor deal but when you do more podcasts you should look into it. :)

Cins said...

Matthew>Well we welcome advice if you got it. The only thing to keep in mind is that we lack good equipment right now because of my computer situation (so dang frustrating!) and we are using Garageband since Stac in on a Mac. :)

Nojh>>Dude, I hope it was worth the wait for you! We're currently working with Mike from CL on getting the podcatcher set up so it pops onto iTunes.:)

Matthew said...

I've listened to about 1/2 of the cast so far while at work, and I know what needs to happen to improve sound quality greatly (namely the Skype deal you've got going).

I learned this from listening to an episode of Mugglecast. If it's just Stac & Cins, each of you need to set up your computers to record audio (even if one person doesn't have Garage Band, the other can just record via Audacity - a free and highly regarded audio program).

Then, while both people are outputting each others Skype audio into headphones, you'll each record an audio track of yourself only. If your mic is plugged into the computer, it should record your voice only, directly to the computer. Each of you should hit the record button at the same time, at the start of the show, and each of you will have a full audio track of only your voice at the end. Then you just mix them together at an equal volume as best you can.

I probably made it sound more complicated than it is, but that's the key to recording podcasts and avoiding constant audio dropouts, because you're recording locally, and not over Skype through a speaker propped up.

Also, please cut off your TV's, or go to a quiet room when recording. That would be very helpful ;) ... Along with getting into iTunes of course, so that we can all subscribe to your podcast, and have the ability to pause and return to the same spot in the podcast at a later point (which you cannot do on an iPod with a regular audio file, and which presents big problems for a 2 hr. episode).

Congrats on getting a shoutout in the show, Nohj!

Cins said...

Thanks Matthew!
What you suggested is definitely the consensus of how we plan to do our podcast soon. Probably as soon as I get my new computer (hopefully in a few more months!). This lap top has NO power and I don't think it can handle the files. yup..its ooooold... But I'll run it past the hubby. He's the computer savant, not me. He might say otherwise.:)
Mike from Cadaverlab is helping us with a podcatcher so hopefully soon you'll find us on iTunes. Maybe this week. I know its going to be a lot more convenient for a lot of people to listen to us.
Thanks for the pointers and advice. We really appreciate it. And thanks for listening!

Matthew said...

You're in-depth analysis of "Dolls" made me reconsider it somewhat. My first time seeing it was a "for-TV" version, so I feel like I missed a lot. I'm into killer doll movies like Dead Silence, so I may have to give Dolls another watch, in unrated form.

I enjoy the podcast so far... you girls are even better in MP3 form, lol!

gryspirit said...

I cant wait till i can get it thru itunes and subscribe.

Nojh said...

Okay so that was a lot of fun! The obvious technical issues aside that was pretty good! I'll get my critiques out of the way quickly.

You both naturally seem to know how to talk for a podcast/radio. This I knew about Cins but I was pleasantry happy to learn about Stac as well. Your only issue seems to be sometimes stepping/talking over each other sometimes. This is something you'll improve as you podcast together, or when Stac learns how to edit.

You run off into tandems too. This is neither a good nor bad thing! Some people won't like it, some people will, I'm thinking you two will so go with it. The only thing I think, structure wise, you should consider is figuring out cues for deciding to move on to your next segment. I love your music ideas. The fact that you even had a 3 movie structure beats out some of the more "geek" oriented podcasts I found out there.

That's it! Otherwise I loved it! 'course I might be a little biased. But I'll tune in just to hear more about Lubricating Cins or Stac say the word pussy several million times, much less the awesome reviews.

Going in I didn't know if I had seen Dolls but the more you talked about it, the more I vaguely remember seeing it on like, Saturday afternoon matinee on broadcast TV as a child. Now I want to see it again, although I find older style dolls insanely creepy most of the time.

Ooh Silent Hill. I keep hoping they'll make a sequel. And Stac, I heard you accidentally call Sharon Cheryl. /You've/ played the video game, haven't you? I caught you! So few people have played the original game compared to its sequel. I totally didn't know the girl was the same girl from Kindgom Hospital. One of these days I need to finish that series. I thought the mostly female cast was interesting too, especially since it was a departure from the game, in that the main character in the game was the girl's father. If I remember right, the director felt that a man just wouldn't be believable for the whole "I'll do anything for my daughter" thing that he wanted to go for. Which I think is utter bullcrap, but I'm also a fan of a strong female protagonist too and Radha Michell managed to sell that.

The Gate sounds interesting based upon you're recommendation. One of these days I'll need you two just to write up the list of everything you've recommended so I can go through the 'Creepy Kitch Approved List' horror weekend or something!

Good job! I want to hear more!

Matthew said...

Speaking of Radha Mitchell, this was the first film I saw her in (before going back to see her earlier stuff, like High Art)... now I try to see everything she's in because she's such an interesting actress.

I haven't seen the new Crazies yet, but I hope you girls'll review Rogue sometime. It's a phenomenal film with Radha featured heavily in it.

Anonymous said...

I found out about this blog and podcast from SassyCast. ^_^ I loved Cindy's sense of humor and had to check this one out.

The only movie I've seen that you mentioned is Dolls. And it was on tv. I would love to check it out again.

And now I really wanna check out The Gate. I love cheesey 80's movies.

I didn't mind the sound quality, you guys are hilarious and fun to listen to.