Monday, May 24, 2010

Creepy Kitch Podcast Episode 4: Scarred for Life

Here it is! Episode 4: Scarred for Life. Stac and Cins discuss two movies that shaped the horror fans they are today; Disney's The Watcher In The Woods, and Spielberg's Poltergeist.
Also included is the Weekly Fuck Off to customers who don't listen and smug I-Hop commercials and our new segment: Horror Crush of The Week!

Warning, we were a little cracked out this ep on wine and lack of sleep.



Nojh said...

So I'm only a half of the way through the podcast but I already have comments. Yay.

Regarding the fuck you segment. I can totally one up your IHOP commercials. Its the fucking six-flags old guy dancing commercials. I REALLY hate them. Its not just that the music is catchy, its that the old guy is really fucking creepy. He was creepy when he started dancing. He got creepier when he started talking. And now he is even creepier with his little "old man" kid who also dances. Plus its fucking agist or something, making fun of old people. And the damn commercial campaign has been going on for YEARS. At least 8 by now... every summer I fear commercials...

Also you've got this Horror Crush of The Week segment. Is it always going to be guys are you gana mix it up and pretend to be lesbians every once and awhile? Just curious... :)

Keep 'em coming!

A Cinematic Slice of Cheese said...

1) Rudger Hauer was Anne Rice's choice to play Lestat.

2) IHOP is a national chain and I hate those commercials.

3) The reason Watcher In The Woods had a 2 year delay is because of the ending. The original ending went waaaay over the test audience's head and they hated it. So Disney pulled the film back and worked on a new ending. However it was enough bad press to kill the film.

Wyng'd Lyon Creations said...

hahahahahah......awesome timing for me calling huh? =P