Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Ghost story supliments for Episode 3

For those of you who listened to Episode 3 -This Old House, we mentioned posting some back links to past entries about our personal ghost stories. So here's a list of some older entries we did for easy reading access!

The two main ones we mentioned:
The Spooky Adventures of Stac and Cins is all about the weird photograph we took at The Whaley House in Old Town San Diego.
This Article and This Article discuss our last ghost hunting trip to Old Town San Diego. The First one is my take on it. The second one is Stac's.

Also, for your reading pleasure:
Personal Ghost Story: Preteen Edition
Wall O' Text AHOY!
Creepy Guy or Tree?

ALSO! I have adjusted the comments to post automatically after a text code prompt. So now you no longer have to wait for one of us to mod you comments! Why did I do this you ask? Because I ended up DELETING two very good and legit comments because I didn't have my coffee this morning and was on total auto pilot. UGH! So sorry to Colleen and iZombie. We're not shunning you... I'm just a moron in the morning without my coffee. This will probably be the usual...until the Japanese porn spam gets out of hand.

ALSO! Creepy Kitch now has its own email! if you have any questions or comments on the blog or on the podcast you can not only comment here but you can drop us a line at:

Both Stac and I will have access to this so feel free to write to either of us at this email.
Look at us...getting all growns up and stuff.


Nojh said...

Yay! Free commenting! I've been waiting for this day. Muahahaha!

Umm... eggs.

Stac said...

I had eggs for lunch.



Nojh said...

Hehehehe. You just keep thinking that.

Eggs for lunch?

Wyng'd Lyon Creations said...

reposted my comment =P

Get some coffee.

Nojh said...

Fun podcast! Took me a few days. But it always does since I can't listen to you guys at work. You're way too distracting.

Hilarious, of course. I loved listening to your ghost stories. Cin's side of the feed was coming in very nicely, although Stac's volume was still a little higher than Cin's but you two have gotten good about not talking over each other.

Keep 'em coming!