Monday, July 12, 2010

Episode 6 Preview: Cult Movies

Unfortunately our last couple of minutes were cut off from Episode 5 so you never got a chance to hear what our next episode will be.

Well wonder no longer!

Episode 6: Cult Movies!

Stac and I venture into the world of weird old movies that have achieved cult Status. We're off to the swingin' sixties!

We'll be watching the black and white 1968 "classic" Spider Baby. This one is a favorite of Stac's.

Check out the Trailer!


We'll also be checking out the notorious 1960's film the destroyed many a career Peeping Tom. Neither of us have seen this one so it should be a treat!

Aaaand here's the Trailer!

Keep on listening, folks!


A Cinematic Slice of Cheese said...

oooooooh this one I cannot wait to hear

gryspirit said...

yup, its going to be good.

Kayla said...

What about that 1960s classic, "Terror!"

I found it on a $5 12-movie collection at Wal^Mart.

It's pretty bad, but great for laughs. The characters take themselves way too seriously and do things no normal person would attempt, like staying behind to try and capture a mass murderer single-handed while your girlfriend and the guy who's trying to steal her go to get the sherriff.

And this is DEFINATELY one of those movies that over-uses its title in the film.
"There's something out there, Marge. Something I have to find."

"Oh, what is it, Ken!?"

"It's.. the Terror!"

Dun dun dunn..
Kind of a big build-up for a villain that's just a guy in a skiimask who doesn't know how to lock a door. Really. When he traps Ken in a room, which he does like 3 times consecutively, he always stands behind it and holds it or squats on top of the trapdoor, all the while cackling maniacally. And when he decides to let Ken out, he just runs into another room, still cackling.

By the way, there's something I've noticed. Is it just me, or did the 60s decide that the laws of setting don't apply to them? I watched two movies in a row from the 60s that were OBVIOUSLY in America, but the setting didn't make much sense. Like, in "The Terror" where's there's no hint of a Southern or Western accent, yet right outside of the town proper is an old western ghost town. Say, what? And, I can't forget that great classic, "The Blood of Dracula's Castle." A young American couple who, apparently, really like Seaworld, inherit a castle. A castle that's obviously IN America. No accents. Not even on the Vampires who live there. And the escaped madman Johnny RUNS to the castle from the prison he's escaping.


I've ranted enough. Can't wait for the episode! Keep up the good work. =)