Sunday, July 11, 2010

Creepy Kitch Episode 5: Listeners' Choice

We Back Bitches!
Sorry about the long Hiatus. But Episode 5 is finally in the can!...or computer..or whatever.
ANYWAYS it's listener's choice this episode! We discuss our thoughts on City of the Living Dead (Our FIRST Fulci film!) and Flight of the Living Dead.
And as usual, our weekly fuck off as well as horror crush of the week. well as rambling about nothing. Like we do.
Unfortunately our last few seconds were cut off, but the reviews are intact.

Listen Here!

Bonus Material: EQUINOX!!


Wolfemann said...

Ah, the fifth episode - just found your show, and I love it so far. :) Definitely would love to hear your Paranormal Activity show - loved it myself, and bought it ASAP after the DVD came out. I'll defend this one to the death, and have had to argue the case for it before already.

As for other viewer recommends... didn't get this one in on time, since I *did* just discover the show, but what about Zombie Lake? Watch it - you'll either love me for it, or want to hunt me down and kill me. :-P

Cins said...

Thanks Wolfemann!
I'm a HUGE fan of Paranormal Activity and i'm always happy to find someone else who loves it too. I really could talk for an entire show about that movie. I'm a sucker for the found footage/shakey Cam genre and this is one of the best ones around for that.
We'll add Zombie Lake to our list! We're always looking for obscure movies to watch..and I'm a big zombie fan so I am intrigued. ;D

Matthew said...

Paranormal was excellent... I was the only person in an empty theater when I saw it. Unfortunately, I sat in the middle, and found myself turning around more than once to make sure nothing was standing behind me, rocking back and forth.

It also made me really want to see Blair Witch again (which I hadn't seen since its VHS release, which I slept through most of). This time around, it held up surprisingly well... though I wish they'd went without credits altogether, somewhat like what was done with Blair Witch.

The ending of Blair Witch (and this would be a great dual review podcast) is incredibly frightening... you feel as confused and lost as the characters as you lead up to the end.

MetalMikey said...

Oh man... "Zombie Lake" should be interesting from a feminine perspective. I don't want to ruin anything, but let's just say one of the KEY padding elements of the film is fixating on the female form. Over, and over, and over again. :P Glad to hear my choice didn't get shit upon. But you both mentioned you were wanting to check out more Lucio Fulci. Two strong recommends would be your mentions of "The Beyond" and "Zombi 2". I'd say if you were curious about a REALLY sleazy feeling "Giallo", there's Fulci's "New York Ripper", but it is amazingly misoganistic. "Cat in the Brain" is also good as a pseudo-commentary/parody of his directing career. And I would almost dare you both to watch Fulci's "Conquest", because while it's not a Horror movie, it's one of the most futzed-up Fantasy movies I've ever seen. Crazy!

Also, do I have no Horror cred for not having seen "Paranormal Activity"? And for the record, I was expecting a "Snakes on a Plane" vibe from "Flight of the Living Dead"... and I still hated it. I swear I didn't expect a serious Horror film, but I still was upset with the product. Eh, different strokes.

Nojh said...

Done! Unfortunately I listen to podcasts in my car so I never have it fresh in my mind to review. It sounds like you two had a lot of fun with the viewer's choice. Your beginning cracked me up. As did your tangents, of course. You're getting way better at not talking all over each other. Yay! I kind of want to see Zombies on a Plane now. Although it sounds like Fulci zombie films aren't really for me...

Matthew said...

That's something they failed to mention. For reasons I do not understand, English speaking castmembers are dubbed over the same as Italian castmembers in Fulci's films (and even in the one Argento film I've seen).

And the lips never match up with the voices. It drives me up a wall. It can't be that hard to just get close to matching the lips that are speaking the same words in English that are being dubbed over - in ENGLISH!!