Monday, April 13, 2009

New Book Bliss

I just got my copy of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies in the mail yesterday. I am five chapters in, and I think I scared the people walking past me in the Safeway parking lot; my roommate was buying breakfast and I was reading about how narrowly Mr. Darcy avoided getting his throat cut for slighting Elizabeth Bennet. And laughing. Loudly.

This book was written by Jane Austin and Seth Grahame-Smith, and is available from Amazon; based on what I've read (and the pictures I've seen, yes it's ILLUSTRATED!), you're going to want this.

Hilariously, I also own and have read the original Pride and Prejudice. And I love it; I'm a sucker for romances, particularly of the regency period. I think the story is alternately sweet and sad, and I like to imagine Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy hardcore getting their collective freaks on. In my version of events, bondage is involved. I would never have dreamed that adding zombies could make it even better.

I must go. I have reading to do.


thebonebreaker said...

I am curious as to how this will play out - definitely post a review when you have finsished!

I have never read the original, but I may be interested in this version ;-)

Stac said...

See, I'm like the only person in the world who likes reading this kinda stuff. I loved the original, I love this version as well-- so far Elizabeth has demanded that her sister Jane behead Miss Bingsly for slighting her warrior's honor. Personally, I'm hoping she does it; Miss Bingsley's a bitch. ;)

I will do a full review when I finish, I promise!