Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The SPOOOOOOKY Adventures of Stac and Cins

Yet Another True Life Adventure.

So I'm sure most of you have figured out that Stac and I live is separate states. She resides in the creeptacular Washington and I live in the utterly weird California. Once a year Stac braves the horror known as Southwest Airlines to visit me. Usually in the summer time. We bond, we have all day horror marathons, and we end with a trip to Disneyland that only one time almost ended in a fight between us and a boat full of drunken frat boys on Pirates of the Caribbean....
...only once.
... They started it and they were asking for it
...just sayin'.

Don't Screw with me in the Happiest Place on Earth.

When not at D-land, heavy drinking is usually involved which results in Stac showing her panties to as many people as possible.
That is neither here nor there.

An Actual Reenactment.

Between the binge drinking, and horror film marathons, Stac and I venture out into San Diego and visit some haunted tourists spots. We bring out cameras and attempt to catch things like orbs or shadows. Keep in mind that neither of us are professional paranormal investigators. I think the closest we've ever come to it is watching Ghost Hunters on Sci-Fi channel. In fact, we're both big chickens. If we ever encountered something out of the ordinary we'd more than likely scream like little girls and run like our asses were on fire. Seriously. We're not bad asses though we like to pretend we are on the interwebs.

Stac and started this tradition when she, our friend Bevin, and I visited the Hotel Del in Coronado.
The Hotel Del

This was mainly for the beach experience since it was a gorgeous day for a swim. The Hotel Del of course was a big draw for us. Its an amazing Victorian hotel that of course is rumored to be haunted. Stac has the full story of why its haunted but I do believe the gist is that a young woman killed herself (or was found dead under mysterious circumstances) in one of the rooms. She apparently haunts the hotel to this day. While we took many photos of the hotel, we really never captured an image. This wasn't surprising. Though we did have an odd experience.
The three of us were wandering the massive lobby and the ballrooms. We stopped to peek into what was the presidential ballroom. It was an amazing wood panneled room that could easily fit my apartment seven times over into it. Well while we were snooping (did I mentioned we really weren't supposed to be there? Oh yeah. Forgot about that.) Stac perked up and asked "What did you say?" Bevin and I replied "I didn't say anything." That was when a very odd chilled wind swept past the three of us out of the ballroom then just stopped instantly. Did I mention there were no windows in the ballroom? We also didn't hear any air conditioner kick on or see any place that breeze could have come from.
Yeah...we high tailed it out of there pretty quick....because we're total chickens.

"Please say somebody just farted."

That was really the most exciting thing that happened to Stac and I up until recently. The last place Stac and I visited was The Whaley House in Old Town San Diego, a historical home that used to be a court house back in the olden days before San Diego was San Diego. This visit was a couple years ago, I believe in 2007.

The Whaley House

The Whaley House has a vast history of hauntings and considers its self the most haunted place in the U.S. With the massive amount of hangings that happened in its court yard to the multiple death/suicides that the Whaley family suffered through, I'm not surprised that it has that reputation. I'm not sure how true those terms are to be honest but the claim was enough to shake Stac and I out of our Disneyland hangover and head on over, cameras in tow. We paid a small fee and went inside to look about. It was a lot smaller than I thought. Not to mention that most of the rooms are blocked off by large glass walls so I'm sure most of the people claiming they took a picture of a ghost caught their own reflection in the glass. What can I say, I'm skeptical when it comes to ghost photography since I can usually recreate most images with a little smear on the camera lens. We trekked though the house taking pictures of just about everything and every room. Maybe this time we'd get lucky.
Eh..not really.
Actually, we had a more interresting time in the bookstore.
But it wasn't that big of a deal to us. We had a good time then had margaritas, because everything is better with Margaritas.
Fast forward to this year, a couple months ago.
My hard drive suffered a major wipe and I lost a lot of photos, music and other goodies. Luckily most of my pictures were uploaded on the net so I was taking the time to dig up the photos I've lost. This included a good chunk of the photos from Stac's and my adventure at the Whaley house.
I pulled out this picture in particular.
Click to Enlarge

And I took a good look at it for some reason.
Now this is a pic of me and Stac I've had around for a while. In fact I even had it in a frame for a bit...because we're so sexy.
I mean look at that awesome hangover we're both obviously shaking off. I know I know, contain yourselves, fellas. Nothing is sexier than a hung over woman on a ghost hunt.

This is a photo I saw every day and never thought twice about...until now.
Take a look.

Once again, Click to Enlarge.

See that?!


What the Hell, man?!
Now I remember the Whaley House lobby pretty well. The area we're standing in front of doesn't contain any of the glass walls I mentioned. There is a stairway but its got a carpet runner so I'm pretty sure its not a glare from the stair way wood.
There were no mirrors, we were the only tourists in there since it was a weekday morning, and the one guide who was in the lobby was the one taking our picture.
I think our conversation over IM went like this:

Me:Hey, Remember when we went to the Whaley House last time you were visiting?
Stac: Yeah.
Me: Remember that photo we took outside the House?
Me:Yeah...look at this *sends photo*
Stac: HOLY GOD! SADAKO IS AFTER US!?! WTF?!?!!!!?!?!?1!!!
Stac: SEVEN DAYS!!!!!!!

We stayed awake for a while trying to calm each other down.
...because we're big fucking chickens.
But honestly, we were both more excited than scared about the whole thing. Probably because we FINALLY managed to capture something on film. Granted, we're not sure what that something is but its not anything I can explain or recreate on my own. Even if its just a Shadow its a weird freakin' shadow. Like I said, I'm a skeptical person when it comes to ghost photography, but this is just plain weird.

This summer we're planning on taking the Ghosts and Gravestones tour of San Diego. Maybe we'll have another one of these things to show you all.
Stay Tuned for more Spoooooooky adventures.


Nojh said...

That is awesome! I totally thought about the Ring when I saw the first picture. Wow that is really really cool!

Stac said...

This is a profoundly AWESOME post! It's Kate Morgan at the Del, btw, among others. Someday, when I'm rich, we are SO staying there one night, in Kate's room!

Ahh... homicide in the Happiest Place on Earth. I remember it well! Those frat brats were SO obnoxious. I was kinda hoping they'd start something, honestly. Can you IMAGINE the press that would have gotten, two women assaulted at Disneyland? the LEAST we would have gotten was a free day pass to the park.

And you are SO full of shit..
.. my panties did NOT have hearts on them.

They has skull and crossbones. Which is why MY panties were WAY cooler than Beth's Thumper panties.

Way. Cooler.

thebonebreaker said...

Great Post Cins - a great story, with a freaky occurence - who could ask for anything more? ;-)

Bevin said...

Dude, I don't remember that bit from the Dell's ballroom. I do, however, remember the bathroom. That was embarrassing.

Cins said...

Stac>>What?! It was dark! I don't remember your panties! Hell, Beth doesn't even remember the evening and forgot she met you!

BB>>I could ask for a pony and a winning lottery ticket?;D Glad you liked it.:)

Bevin>>*L* And I don't remember the bathroom incident. I might have blocked it out.

BonesawLtd said...

That picture is like seeing some middle-aged woman who obviously has had some "work done", bending over and catching some cleavage... regardless of whether or not what you are seeing is fake... it still kicks ass. That pic is something that I think I would show to everybody.

Stac said...

Mike, you are SO freakin' weird. ;) First time I've ever heard a ghost pic compared to a desperate, aging trophy wife. >XD

BonesawLtd said...

Well... it definitely will not be the last :)