Saturday, April 18, 2009

News FLASH! Thanksgiving a Full Movie?!

Eli Roth to film a full length version of Thanksgiving?!

"Roth said that after he shoots his untitled sci-fi blockbuster, he’ll get back to his roots by filming “the sickest, bloodiest, most violent slasher movie,” he said of the “Thanksgiving” flick inspired by the holiday-themed horror classics of the ‘80s. “I want to make the highest body count slasher film I can.” "

Well that's what the article on MTV Movies Blog says.

I do hope my little pocket gore hound does film it and that this isn't some crazy rumor. I think it would be a hilarious film as long as it stays tongue in cheek. Its a fine line to walk when trying to make a good horror comedy. Knowing Roth it will be more horror and less comedy but I am curious if he plans to stick with the original spirit of the GrindHouse trailer. He strikes me as the type who likes to have fun with his films so I really believe this one could be a winner...or at least a really fun train wreck.

And according to that article, he's also working on a top secret big budget monster film. I'm not usually a fan of Eli Roth movies (though I do love his personality, his fast knowledge of the horror genre, and the fact that he appears to be pocket sized) but I really like the idea of him slipping out of his little gore niche and trying a monster film.
I am EXTREMELY curious.
Intrigue me further Mr. Roth. You have my attention.

And even though we've all seen it...its always worth a second look because its awesome.

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