Monday, July 27, 2009


So the convergence has ended. A good time was had by all. And if anything, the convergence has left us with this beautiful BEAUTIFUL thing...



Its like an angel came down and kissed this movie trailer upon us. For we have fallen in love with it. It appears to be a horror film about everything and nothing. What is this movie about? I have no fucking clue. But who cares! For it is the wonder called:


We loved this trailer so much that it became ingrained in our vocabulary the entire week. So now whenever Stac and I encounter something that completely defies explanation we throw are arms asunder and bellow in loud voices:


Because we loved this trailer so much we even did our own reenactment of the film:

What does that photo mean? No fucking clue. Much like:


Next convergence we will see this movie. OH YES we shall.



Stac said...


Stac said...

.. that's how you get too llaaammaa schooll.. *clapclapCLAPclap*

Robokatt12 said...

It was the inspiration for "Evil Dead".

Cins said...

Robokatt>>I read that when I did some research on the movie. This only makes me want to see it more. I Love Me some Evil Dead!

Stac>Oh Awesome. Now I'm thinking of the Llama school song while at work. Damn you!