Friday, February 27, 2009

I'm Lazy. So Sue me. Its my Birthday. FILLER FUN!

So yeah, We got filler, folks! Lots of filler!
Because it's my birthday and I felt like I am entitled to one day of being insanely lazy.
That and my brain refuses to work currently.

ANYWAYS, I figured since I'm being lazy, what better way to show my laziness than to make other bloggers work FOR me!
So here's a list of some fun stuff to read. Check em out! has two insanely hilarious articles up that you really should read if you need a cheep laugh. I loved cracked. Even if I don't agree with what they're saying, its always a great read.
The 5 Most Unintentionally Gay Horror Movies Ever
And yeah..I agree with quite a few of them.
The 5 Most Half-Assed Monsters in Movie History
I must hunt down a copy of Death Bed: The Bed that Eats now!

And here's a couple of blogs to check out that I stumbled upon this week.
For you entertainment junkies out there, we have:
Reel Maniacs which covers not just horror but just about all genres. I enjoy Brad's article on the Oscars, being an Oscar junkie since high school....yes, I'm sad.
And a shout out to one of our loyal readers,The Bonebreaker and his blog The Mad Ravings of an Entertainment Junkie. He's got an eclectic taste which makes his blog a lot of fun to read! I also want to shout his user name like I'm announcing in the WWF.

For horror blogs we have Cabby's blog Night of the Living Celluloid. Dude, I share your opinion on 80's horror movies.
And a fledgling blog :Terror Firmer which proves to be a really fun blog to read so far. He knows his stuff!

And for the crafty in the kitchen folk, check out this I Make Projects article on how to make your own Cannibal Themed Supper....I so want to try one of those Alien Autopsies.

And in the WTF catagory we have Spitzle the Clown. I can't take credit for finding this. Stac is in charge of the WTF findings around here. I take no responsibility for what this will do to your brain.

And as usual, thanks to you all for reading and staying with us. Stac and I have had a blast writing this blog and a lot of that has to do with that fact that everyone has been really welcoming and awesome to us. So thanks!

Next Cins article will probably be either on The Exorsists sequals (believe it or not, two of the four were actually pretty good!) or why I love Clive Barker ....or none of the above because I tend to write on whim. For all I know, Stac may convince me to write about horror peen.

Have a great weekend all! I'm going to go endulge in some birthday cake!


Johnny said...

Happy Birthday!

Stac said...

Mmm.. horror peen...

Isn't Spitzle awesome? That is some upsetting shit, fo' sho'.

I want to once again wish you a happy birthday and remind you, sincerely and from the deepest depths of my heart, that you will always, and I mean ALWAYS.. be older than me.

*pushes boobs against the computer screen*

thebonebreaker said...


Happy Belated Birthday! :-)

Also, thanks for the shout out - as for my name, that's what it's all about ~ me being a huge MMA fan and all ;-)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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