Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Mr Frost-An Unseen Gem!

I'm about to ask a question that I'm sure I know the answer to.
Has anyone SEEN this movie?
Yeah...I had a feeling. Well if you haven't I highly recommend you saunter over to this link here and give it a watch.

Mr. Frost is a little known movie from back in the 1990 when the whole "thriller" genre was taking off. I have my likes and dislikes of "thrillers". Some are wonderful and brilliant but many during this era involved horribly bland things like Sharon Stone.
Mr. Frost luckily is one of those really great thrillers that flew under the radar during the Basic Instinct, Hand that Rocks the Cradle, and Sliver years...note that two of those starred Sharon Stone.
I stumbled across this film when a buddy of mine insisted we all come over and watch it. He had been hunting this movie down for years and finally found an old beat up VHS copy on Ebay. To show the popularity of this movie, is still has yet to be released on DVD, hence the link above instead of me insisting you put it on your Netflix cue.
I was expecting the usual fare of thriller-ness. Some twists and turns, some gasps, some sex, and a neat little ending tied up in a bow. What I ended up with was an hour and forty minutes of pure creepiness.

The gist of the story line is this:
Mr Frost confesses to the murder of 24 people. In fact, they're in his back yard. He is taken to an asylum and he goes silent for two years. Meanwhile, authorities cannot find any records of his existence. After two years, Mr. Frost decides to speak to his psychiatrist, Sarah Day. He confesses he is Satan... and honestly? We're never quite sure if he is telling the truth or not about that.

Mr. Frost stars Jeff Goldblum at his best. This isn't the stuttering, mugging to the camera, "aw shucks" Jeff Goldblum we know from Earth Girls are Easy, and Independance Day. Ooooh no. This is cold, calculating, "I will fuck your shit UP!" Jeff Goldblum. FAR more scary than he was in The Fly. Why? Because at least as Seth Brundle, he was sympathetic. His performance in Mr. Frost is so incredibly creepy, so cold and chilling that you can't stop watching him. I believe he is the reason this movie is so fantastic. He lives up to his name of Mr. Frost. There's an old saying about the banality of evil that rings true in this movie. Mr. Frost seems so normal. He says things like "Well you knew I liked to keep trophies" as if he were talking about bowling, not the severed limbs in his backyard. Yet he is extremely magnetic. By the end of the movie you feel like you want Mr. Frost to like you and ask you to dinner.
The movie is slow moving. Its not a gore fest, or a suspense drenched film full of cat scares. What it is, is creepy. Relentlessly creepy. It builds up slowly, surely, and at the end you're left blinking, your mouth hanging open and muttering "What just happened?" as the credits roll. But all in a GOOD way I assure you! The script is sophisticated and never talks down to the audience. It also never spells things out for you neatly. Who is Mr. Frost? A psychopath? An agent of Satan? Satan himself? A really REALLY bored man? You never really know. It has a mystery about it much like American Psycho where you're never quite sure where its coming from, but you enjoy the ride. It also has a delightfully errie score of shrill synthesizers which in any other movie would come across as cheap. Here? It works.

This movie is definitely worth the watch. And considering that its not on DVD (Damn you studios!) You can catch it for free online. The good thing is its not so popular that it will be yanked off the interwebs instantly. In fact, I don't think anyone is aware this movie exists.
So if you're in the mood for good acting and a lot of creepy feelings, give it a watch!


Stac said...

Urgh. Jeff Goldbloom as the devil, and with the longish hair for some reason is making all the hair on my head stand up and lay down at the same time. It's upsetting.

thebonebreaker said...

Actually, I have heard of this movie, though I have never seen it - it definitely sounds like I should check it out though!

Thanks for sharing!

Cins said...

Stac>>*L* The long hair is so Early 90's. Its Satan's Mullet!! Seriously, I think you'd like this movie for the creep factor. Jeff Goldblum makes an AWESOME villian which totally suprised me.

Bonebreaker>>Glad to know someone heard of it! I think you'd like it. Its not a typical horror film, but then I don't think its a typical Thriller either. I really enjoed Goldblum's acting.