Friday, February 20, 2009

Things to kill time with on the Interwebs.

I have caught the plague! YAY ME!
So while I'm at home coughing and hacking my guts out, I also surf the interwebs for random things.
I'm a huge fan of viral websites and wacky creepy stories during my surfing time. These two sites are my favorites. I still go back to them over and over to keep me entertained.

The Dionea House
What is so great about this one is the amount of work that went into telling this story. Its all done through once sided email correspondence. He uses that to tell the general story then creates character blogs on livejournal and blogger to create other sub stories of the evil house. The story resembles "House of Leaves" but more straightforward. Its a great way to kill an hour or two at work.

Ted's Caving Page
This one isn't quite as extensive as the Dionea house but its still a lot of fun to read. The story is about a caver who encountered some really nasty things on one of his expeditions. Think The Decent with less action and with dudes. Its a quick read and the photos lend to the claustrophobic atmosphere of the story.

Those are the two I like the most. anyone have any fun sites like above to share? I am a total sucker for them!
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Stac said...

I LOVE those two sites! Ted the Caver REALLY gave me the screamin' meemies when I read it for the first time, and I knew before hand how it ended. Remind me, BTW, to give you some SERIOUSLY effed up ghost stories I got off of a forum.

Cins said...

Send Send Send! You know me. I Love to ready creepy shit on the internet.:)