Thursday, February 12, 2009

More Than Meets the.. Brain?

A thought struck me as I sit here, pondering what social factors would influence where a person would live (other than segregation-- I covered that in the question above). While trying to figure out how to word my answer concerning a family's economic status, a thought came to mind.

What would a zombie Transformer look like? And what would it eat?


Metal Mikey said...

Weren't the Sharkticons in the movie essentially Transformers zombies? Or maybe they were just cannibals?

Stac said...

What movie? The movie where Optimus Prime was MURDERED?!

Never happened.


Nojh said...

Well there was that two-part episode where everybody was being infected and turning red. That was kinda zombie like. They didn't seem to want to eat anything though.

If you follow the American Beast Wars continuity, then it's likely zombie transformers would go for the spark. The energy based "soul" of a transformer. Generation 1 transformers referred to it as the Autobot Matrix of Leadership. Probably later they realized that concentrating all their sparks in one place was bad if the zombies came, so everybody started carrying their own sparks in their own chassis.