Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Guilty Pleasure Movies

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Guilty Pleasures.
Face it...we all have em. I have many. Too many. I dip my McDonald's french fries into my milkshake, I love the album "Kilroy Was Here" by Styx, and I cry at the end of All Dogs Go to Heaven. DON'T JUDGE ME!!
Johnny from Freddy in Space blogged on this subject a while ago and honestly, its probably one of my all time favorite subjects to tackle. And Johnny of course opened a can of worms and made me want to post about it. It makes one feel a little less guilty about liking something that is a bit silly, goofy, or just down right stupid when you can share them with others. So I'm taking a page out of his book and hopefully opening a discussion about this.
Sharing is Caring, folks!

So my guilty pleasure horror films.

Seriously, this film is lame. Everything about this movie screams lame. Low budget, bad acting, and a set that kind of looks like plastic wrap back lit with flashlights. The kill scenes are pretty ridiculous including Tony Todd stuck in a Houdini water tank in the middle of the'd think someone would have helped the guy. The Djinn has tentacles and sounds like he smokes two packs a day after gargling a refreshing glass of rusty nails. Do I find him threatening? Not really. He's kinda a passive monster since he can't do anything without someone wishing it. They do imply that he has seduction powers but they don't really come across well. But despite all that I CANNOT resist watching this movie every time its on! There is something so deliciously cheesy about this film! Granted, the Djinn is more of a douche bag than a really scary villain but Andrew Divoff is quite handsome with is mugging to the camera and eyebrow acting. And despite its execution, the plot is creative...weird, but creative. I also find myself becoming so charmed that it wants to be Hellraiser SO BADLY. Its like watching someone's baby sister put on heels , apply lipstick lopsided on their face, then announce "I just like big sis!" you really can't fault it because its trying so hard. Its almost adorable.

Leprechaun in Vegas
Yeah, the real title is Leprechaun 3 but it will always be known to me as Leprechaun in Vegas. Leprechaun in Space? Leprechaun in da Hood? Nothing compares to Leprechaun in Vegas. Why? A stereotypical Vegas card dealer's ass and tits explode. That's ALL I need. Seriously. How many movies can deliver a simultaneous T and A explosion? I bet you can count them on one hand. And they explode like a beautiful ticker tape parade! The rest of the movie could suck (and trust me, it's pretty awful) but it reaches awesome sauce level because of the exploding hiney and fun bags. Watch for yourself!
That and I love Warwick Davis. Ever since his Willow years I liked that guy.

The Hazing
Stac made me and my old college roommate sit through this a few summers ago. Bad special effects, horrid acting, and a scream queen kicking ass in a tight silver vinyl catsuit. The trifecta of bad movie awesomeness. Sure it probably set the women's movement back about 10 years but she kicks ass in a silver vinyl catsuit! AND stiletto heels! You try it! I dare you!....and if you do please video it and put it on youtube for me to post on here. The movie really doesn't try to be anything more than what it is, cheap. Its a lot of mindless fun. Its also awesome to see the nerdy character go ballistic on the baddy and curse extremely creatively.

WHY do I love this movie!? I think because there's a slight romantic twist to it...and Julian Sands flying scenes. He's the only man that can make flying in super slow-mo on a clothes line look cool. And he's kinda sexy in that B-movie I couldn't attract the gorgeous guy at the bar but I did attract his best friend with the sense of humor sort of way....I go for those guys.

So off the top of my head, there they are....and I'm sure I have a ton more in the back of my head but Its best if I stop now.
Got any guilty pleasures? I wanna hear em!


Stac said...

HA! I love all of these movies!

And I agree, Andrew Divoff is strangely hot. I've heard the 2nd one is hilarious-- Djinn in a prison. Apparently he brokers for an immortal soul. And a pack of cigarettes. I wanna seeee!


I was fucking OBSESSED with Warlock when I was in 8th grade. I would literally watch it over and over and over. All the time. It was my favorite, and I knew the whole damn thing by heart. I probably still do, come to think of it!

niebuck said...

Trick Or Treat.
That crappy 80s heavy metal horror film that starred Skippy from Family Ties. The "evil" heavy metal guy I think was a refuge from Trannyshack...