Monday, June 15, 2009

Monsters Vs Madmen- Round 5! FINALLY!!

Okay, thank you Johnny for breaking our tie!
Yeah he voted twice but so did Stac and frankly, its an Internet contest that wins us nothing. How serious could it be?

Pennywise has gone to that tiny clown car in the sky.

And let me tell you it was a brutal bitch fight. Seriously. These two were tied for-freakin-EVER.

But The Tall Man manages to squeak by and has moved onto the first playoff game. going to be weird...really weird.

The Tall Man from the Phantasam movies.


Samara from The Ring movies.

I really can't imagine weirder opponents except maybe putting my mom up against a walrus in a house dress.

Here they are in action
Samara's student film

And the Tall Man...this clip speaks for itself

The winner of this will go up to the final final rounds of insanity when we start bringing the big guns out!

So cast your vote! Next Monday the survivor will be announced!



niebuck said...


Tall man may be powerful...but Samara is more relentless...and uses guilt.

Nojh said...

I'm learning more and more about the Tall Man thanks to this. He seems to have minions which I think could be a considerable advantage against Samara. But she also seems to have some ability to get people to empathize with her, which would be useful in combating minions.

The ability to pop out of mirrors vs popping out of televisions is debatable. Televisions are more common in modern US houses these days than mirrors I think but coming in through the bathroom would be a good stealth tactic.

I can keep comparing their super powers but ultimately I think this contest would come down to a creepy stare down between the two of them. The two will face off (or in Samara's case, hair off) in some dark dingy place where its likely raining and try to creep each other out. And while Tall Man is insanely good at that just by doing nothing, Samara has that creepy walk/dancing and her croaking voice.

So Samara wins.

Bevin said...

Yep, going to have to go with Samara, too. Not for any of the logical reasons, but just because I've seen "The Ring", and I haven't seen "Phantasm". Yay for voting out of ignorance!

Stac said...

Samara, hands down. She doesn't even bleed, which is more than can be said about the Tall Man. Sure, it's gross orange juice bile, but he bleeds none the less.

Samara's unstoppable, period. If Tall Man pissed her off she'd unleash a planet full of Jawa-flavored whup ass all over TM and crew.