Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Monsters Vs Madmen- Round 4!

Well the vote was a bit closer this time!
And by closer I mean it wasn't a complete slaughter and one side got more than one vote.


But there was some interesting discussion from our Kane supporters. R.I.P Kane. We hardly knew ye.

I really believe I am not making these matches hard enough. So I'm skipping over some other lower teared madmen and jumping to one of the bigger guns.


The Tall Man from the Phantasam movies


Pennywise, the Clown from IT.

Yeah, this should be good. The Tall Man is a scary old bastard with undead midget minions and terrifying bloodthirsty spheres on his side. Also, he never dies!! He keeps coming back!
Pennywise is an ancient evil entity who decides to appear to children AS A GODDAMNED CLOWN that EATS PEOPLE!
Yikes on both ends.

It sounds like a sitcom. Like they should be renting an apartment somewhere in south Hollywood and doing things like opening a dog grooming salon or a juice bar. And shenanigans happen.

Regarding our new contender:
I never had a fear of clowns...but Pennywise can easily induce that fear in me.
I shudder when I walk past a circus now.
Did I ever mention my brother in law is a trained mime and clown? He likes to put on his clown suit and scare the piss out of me.
My sister now wants me to make my 1 year old nephew a little clown costume for Halloween.

Lets see them in action.

The Tall Man doesn't need make up or a red nose. He just needs to show up to freak me out.

Let this be a lesson to all of us. Never trust clowns that hang out in sewers.

The survivor of this round will go on to fight Samara, our current reigning champion. Choose wisely.

3-2-1 FIGHT!!!


hannahrae said...

Oh sweet Lord. Nobody does it like Tim Curry. His voice is enough to make me shiver, but combined with creepy clown makeup he's the epitome of fear. Not to mention this is my fav book of all time. So definately Pennywise.

Nojh said...

Tallman, hands down. I hate clowns, clowns freak me the hell out, but somehow the clown from IT manages to ruin it all by talking in a vaguely Brooklyn accent. Kudos for managing to stay clean while standing in a sewer but you don't hold a light to suddenly turning into a woman.

Vote: Tallman

Roy said...

Nobody Beats Pennywise

Cins said...

Hannahrea>>>Awesome! Another fan of the book!! WOO!

Stac said...

Okay, I'm getting a vibe here, and it's not a good one. I can't pick one, and you know why?

Because these filthy motherfuckers (it's true; why do you think the Tallman has issues? And Pennywise was the mother what got fucked! Read the boosk people! Pennywise is a LAAAAAAAAADY!) will TEAM THE FUCK UP and attack EVERYONE.

Then we'll have to find some plucky, jiggly twenty five-- er, teens, who they will kill and then turn on each other in a battle for supremacy! Who will win?


There's my vote.

Johnny said...

Never cared much for IT and I love Phantasm so Tallman hands down!

lacey said...

some one sed tht penny wise the clown is a lady is it me stac of are ya jus fucked in the head coz HE is not a lady its tim carry for fuck sack for annie any who i sooooooooooooo hate clown sooooooooofuckin much

Stac said...

Lacey: I know it's a dude in the movie, played (wonderfully) by Tim Curry. In the BOOK the implication is that the monster is female. The creature makes comments about it toward the end, and has children.