Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Creepy Kitch's Saw Contest WINNERS!!


Stac and I finally were able to sit down and go over the entries for the Saw contest!

So without further ado...

In 3rd Place: The winner of a print of Cins two wacky sketches "Zombie in a Hamster Wheel" and "Jason Makes a Compost Heap" ...both which will look FAR better quality than those scans.

We Have A TIE!


for this twisted entry:

The victim would be in strapped down, except their arms. The person would have to unlock a 6 number lock right in front of them...that's all. BUT while trying to find out the lock, this machine is pulling off parts of their body. Starting with small parts like the toe nails and hair, to big parts like the nose, ears and so on, until they die of either blood loss,or just horrible horrible pain! If they do unlock the lock, they have to live the rest of their life without the limbs and parts they have lost.F-ed up... I know :]

Yup, we will agree with you...F-ed UP!

and Alex!

for making us laugh hard just for sending this short and sweet one:

You have to put on wet socks without complaining. Nobody likes wet socks.:)

I have put on wet socks...and its gross.

In Second Place: The winner of a piece of art work drawn by either Cins or Stac (your choice!) of a subject your choosing!


For sending in this great artistic rendering of his trap!

In case any explanation is needed... if she doesn't reach for that key and lose an ear or eye before the timer hits 0, then she might just regret that decision :)

Thanks for going the extra mile Mathew! We loved it! Contact us with which one of us Kitch Bitches you want for your art work!

And our First Place winner, winner of Your Choice of SAW movie on DVD. Is...


Melissa really gave this some thought, set up a great motive, and put in a little sense of irony in there that we admired.

My original SAW trap would be for a pharmacist who had replaced liquid medicine with sugar water in five bottles. He did this to sell the drug on the street, and his actions caused five children to die. My trap would have the man in a sealed room, with his foot inside a box containing a rattlesnake. After being bitten, the man would have to walk across a floor covered in broken glass, over to shelves holding hundreds of medicine bottles. Each bottle would have a number written on its label. The man would be told to find the bottle that had the number on it that equaled the amount of people he had harmed. That bottle would contain rattlesnake venom antidote. The pharmacist would hunt for the bottle with the number "5" on it. However, since each child who had died had many, many people around them who were also harmed by what he had done (suffering from their loss), the pharmacist would ultimately choose the wrong bottle. He would taste the sweet sugar water, and then die from the snake bite.

Melissa, you are a twisted woman. And the girls of Creepy Kitch SALUTE YOU!

So there you have it! The winners of the first official Creepy Kitch contest! Thanks to everyone who participated and to all who helped get the word out about our first contest.
All winners please contact me at edengarg (at) hotmail (dot) com with your mailing address. We'll get your prizes out after Thanksgiving!

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Matthew said...

I definitely like the 1st place winner's plot :) Except now all I'm going to think, when I take medicine, is that it's sugar water... uh boy.

Thanks for the contest... I know my drawing isn't the greatest, but I learned some lessons. I typically don't draw many cartoons with my Wacom (usually use it for editing pictures and things like that)... which is crazy, because I used to love drawing. So that's why it looks amateurish.

Sending in my art choice now! :)