Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Creepy Kitch is 1 Year Old!

Mmmm....zombie head cheese.

Well Technically it will be Creepy Kitch's Birthday tomorrow. But since tomorrow's Thanksgiving, both Stac and I will probably be stuffing our bellies full with Turkey and the blood of young virgin men. Still one year of blogging is nothing to sneeze at, especially since Stac and I have the attention spans of kittens on cocaine. It seems like just yesterday I IMed Stac with "Hey..I got an idea."

I wanted to give some quick shout outs to a few people in particular:

Nojh: He's our die hard regular in the comments section. Thanks for always giving us a read, sticking with us from the begining. and striking up some wonderful conversations around here!

Johnny from Freddy In Space: Johnny has been busy as heck lately but he still has found the time to always promote us or give us blogger advice. Without him or Freddy In Space there would probably be no Creepy Kitch. So thanks Johnny, for all the inspiration! You set the bar for us and hopefully we'll rise to it!

Mike and Sam from Cadaver Lab: You guys rule. You've been our cheerleaders and you always give us shout outs on your podcast whenever you can. And we REALLY appreciate it. Stac and I always get warm fuzzies when you mention our blog in glowing terms...hell we get warm fuzzies even when you talk about our perversions. Thank you for all of that!

To ALL our Readers: I wanted to give a shout out thanks to all you folks who have been reading us for this long or have just popped in and decided to stay. You guys make this blog fun for us! We have a small group of readers but all of you guys have been awesome. Thank You!

And a special shout out from Cins to her partner in crime, Stac: Stac, you're the best writer on here and I could not have been able to keep this thing going a whole year without you. Thanks for going along with my wack-a-doodle ideas. Here's to one more year of blogging insanity!

So thanks again all! And have a happy Thanksgiving!!!


Stac said...

Cins, you absolutely rule, and there's no one I'd rather go to jail with!

Be honest, it's just a matter of time. ;)

So MWAH to you, missy!

Nojh said...

Aww. Happy Thanks Giving to you two too!

BTW thats an awesome picture! Next time you two hang out you should re-create that picture for a photo. Really though I have to ask, zombie head cheese?

Matthew said...

That is an awesome family photo. Makes me even happier that I won the artwork from Creepy Kitch.

I am a new reader, and already love what you're doing here - I found you via Freddy In Space.

Anonymous said...

Hey! Happy Birthday! You guys have the best, most horrifying blog in the universe and I love it!

-Mike (from CL)