Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Filler Fun: Podcasts...I haz them.

Note: The Saw Contest winners announcement IS running a bit late due to the fact that Stac is in finals and I'm up to my neck in nerd activities (I was recently put on baronial court in the SCA.). So we will be announcing the winners hopefully by Friday. Thanks so much everyone for being such great sports and so patient!

But yeah, it looks like the Creepy Kitch Holiday Slump is about to set in for us. So we will be posting a bit slower (if that is possible) than usual.

But on a brighter note. Out first year Anniversary is ALSO coming up! WOO HOO! I can't believe our attention spans lasted this long!

A quick filler post from me...yet again. I was planning on posting my top ten Stephan King movies list today but then I realized I really should watch Needful Things one more time to make sure it was as interesting as I thought it was the first time....yeah its been a while.

So instead I'm posting links to the three following Podcasts I've been addicted to lately. Actually I'm sure one postcast most of you know of because I'm positive most of our readers were sent here from there.

You can find all of these awesome podcasts on iTunes.

1-Cadaver Lab Podcast

These guys are my favorite.

So I started listening to this Podcast after Stac sent me a txt saying "I sent an email to Cadaver Lab about my cooter and they read it!". So how could I POSSIBLY resist listening? After one episode? Oh yeah. Hooked. Cadaver Lab is a great movie review podcast by two guys, Mike and Sam, who obviously love the genre and are extremely knowledgeable in it. They do great themed shows like Giallo, Hellraiser, Lucci Films, and other fantastic topics. Many of the films they touch on are ones I've never heard of. Thanks to those fantastic fellas I have discovered some wonderful gems that otherwise would have flown under my radar. Plus they are hilarious. Many a time I have almost driven my car into a lamp post from laughing too hard from their antics...thanks guys.
Mike and Sam are the reason that I wish Creepy Kitch was a Podcast simply because both Stac and I came to the crashing conclusion that we are the female equivalents of Mike and Sam.

I bet you money that a cold chill has just run down the spines of those poor poor boys.

2-Night of the Living Podcast

Yet another one Stac threw at me I had to listen to. This is due to the fact that I had to know where the term "cunt vibe" came from....okay I'll admit its disturbing that two of the Podcasts I'm addicted to started with me wanting to know more about Stac's genitalia....Yeah.
Anyways, Night of the Living Podcast is a group of people who talk horror films and horror books. The reason I love it so much is the conversational tone reminds me of how my friends and I talk..
NOTLP has fantastic features such as the latest horror news, movie and book reviews, and my favorite Straight to Video Russian Roulette. They also occasionally review horror porn which is probably the most hilarious thing I have ever listen to. Their shows are constantly entertaining, and even if the subject gets boring, they never do (especially when someone starts pretending their finger is Queen Elizabeth).

3-Anything Ghost

FINALLY! A podcast that has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with Stac's Vag! But Stac did point this one out to me as well so she is 3 for 3 on the good Podcast streak and 2 for 3 on the relating her vagina to said Podcast.

Moving on.

Anything Ghost is a completely different turn from the first two podcasts simply because its not movie related at all. The Podcast is hosted by Lex (who I found out is based in So Cal. Rock on!) who opens his podcast up as a forum for people to share their own personal ghost stories. Some are emailed to him and he reads them, some are recorded and sent in, and ALL of them are creepy. Lex's soothing voice makes the stories all the more chilling as he reads each one in a bedtime story manner. People from around the world send in their stories. And while some are just short and interesting, there are many that are truly terrifying. Lex also composed all the music provided on the Podcast which adds a lot to the atmosphere. If you're a ghost story junkie like me, Anything Ghost is a gold mine.

And those are my top favorite Podcasts! I highly recommend that you listen to all of them. Every one of these are fantastic and a ton of fun. They also invite participation, with Cadaver Lab and NOTLP having voice mail and Anything Ghost inviting you to share stories via email or MP3.

Definitely give them a whirl!


Stac said...

My genitalia are FASCINATING and you know it!

Cins said...

It keeps pullin' me back in!

BTW, Mike thinks we should do a Podcast....;D

BonesawLtd said...

Hopefully I'm not reposting this but I don't know if it worked the first time:

Stac... I have been berating Cins on Twitter trying to talk you two into starting your own Podcast!!!

I figured I'd take my argument here since I want to get the word out to you both!

I'm telling you, your show would be the podcast that I would look forward to the most. Use Skype and either record the conversation (I can help with the details if you want), or just talk over skype and record it individually on both ends and edit it together... That's how we do the Douchecast!

Basically what I'm saying is that I don't know what you're waiting for and that it's a crime against humanity that you're not already engaged in a podcast!

DO IT!!!

BonesawLtd said...

Oh, and one other thing... I'm definitely going to check out Anything Ghost (I already listen to NOTLP)...

Matthew said...

Thanks for the list... I listen to podcasts almost all day at work (in between taking them off to hear people run their mouth!!), so I'll have to check these out.

These may not be as gore-rific or rated R, but I know a few good movie-related podcasts as well, that you may not know about.

Check out:

The Bloody Disgusting Podcast - (Movie reviews, news, chit-chat, interviews, contests, etc. I don't even go to their site, but their opinions on the podcast about horror movies are usually dead on.)

Imprint - The best podcast for Twilight book/movie fans. Very funny, created by the folks who run Mugglecast as well.

Smodcast - Kevin Smith & Scott Moser's hilarious podcast about whatever they can think of to talk about (movie references often). And yeah, they talk about lots of dirty things, since you two seem to enjoy that :D

Stac said...

Mike: Y'know, I've idly toyed with the idea of doing a podcast before, but had absolutely no idea how to start it. And of course, now you're making me blush, which means I'm probably going to have to call or write into the CadLab and say something utterly filthy in retaliation.

If we decide to do it you WILL be getting nagged a LOT for help. Just saying! ;D

Stac said...

Matthew: Thanks for those!! I will DEFINITELY give Imprint a listen-- been a bit nervous of trying a Twicast, but that sounds really promising!

And filthy is ALWAYS welcomed here, so long as it's creative. ;)

Matthew said...

You all clearly listen to a lot of them, so if you did start one, you'll know that the most important things are sound quality (no one will listen if it's staticky, and/or contains: heavy breathing, nose whistling, smacking, chewing, table tapping, keyboard clicking, computer beeps incessantly, etc.

Yeah, I've listened to a lot of podcasts, and I just plain didn't listen to those that stupidly had those issues. I am not an expert with microphones, but I know it's also important to have a good one (i.e., not the cheapest one they have on the shelf) to record with.

Music is also a must, for at least the opening/closing themes, and in between talking or during breaks. It dulls a podcast considerably when it's just people talking, with nothing else at all happening.

Lastly, sound effects, while tempting, are always annoying to the guy wearing earbuds. Chalk loud screaming and yelling up for that too.

Cins said...

Matt>>I've heard of Bloody Disgusting before. I think I will have to check them out! I'm not a big Twilight fan but I AM a huge Harry Potter fan so I'll take a peerk at Mugglecast!
Thanks for the recomendations. I'm always looking for more Podcasts.
And thanks for the tips. If Stac and I deside to venture into this venue the advice is welcomed.:)

Mike>>*L* Dude, the more encouragement you are giving the more I want to do it. Stop feeding into this! You're only furthering the idea! ;D

Stac>....You wanna consider it after the new year? We can always bug Mike for tech advice since he volunteered himself.;)