Sunday, November 8, 2009

It's Still Orange and Purple and Black..

.. but red and green are starting to creep into the mix, I have to admit. A few of my Halloween votive holders (out all year) have Christmassy scents emanating from them. I have Christmas candy in my Halloween candy bowl-- I can't help it! Candy Cane Kisses are in stores! The best kind of kisses! It's all presided over by a witch, however. And two turkeys. We're into mixing the holidays at Chez Spooky.

One awesome thing about after Halloween is the sales (which crop up before the holiday is even dead, let alone cold-- at the local Fred Meyer's all the Halloween stuff had been booted out of the season aisles and basically parked in the middle of the walk way to the exit doors and marked down to 50% off. This was Halloween DAY. Holy crap, people! Stop getting your brotherhood all over my blood and cobwebs!). I got a great bat votive holder from Target for pennies, and a heavy, beaded spiderweb table runner that was originally $12.99 (and the reason I didn't buy it when I originally saw it) I got for $2.50 this weekend. HA! MINE!

Anyone else get any awesome deals whilst feasting on Halloween's corpse?

Of course, the joke's on everyone-- Halloween was ALWAYS a corpse, so when it lurches back to life to make nonbelievers scream, we'll all be ready for more orange and black!

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