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The New Spooky Adventures of Stac and Cins!

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This a post I meant to make waaaay back in the day after the Stac and Cins convergence happened. In the usual tradition, Stac and I planned to take the San Diego Ghosts and Gravestones Tour and as usual, the tour fucked up our reservations and we ended up getting no tour and $50 in the hole....until I reamed them over the phone to get our money back.

Its FATE I tell you!

God does NOT want us to go on that tour!

Undaunted and somewhat tipsy after a bottle of wine, we convinced my poor suffering serial killer husband to drive us and our friend Tanya out to Old Town San Diego to investigate the old grave yard which I don't believe officially has a name. But it is there and has been there for at least 100 years or so. I've only walked past it a couple times during my short time working in Old Town (selling theater tickets whilst wearing a smelly vest. GOOD TIMES!). Stac had no clue it was there. So I figured now was a time as good as any to check it out! So we headed on over.

If you've been reading this blog you probably know my now that Stac and I are very novice (and I mean NOVICE as in not even CLOSE to being a ghost hunter) ghost hunters. We like to go to reportedly haunted spots and take photos. About 99% of the time we end up with zilch (except for that one time). And with me being a supernatural black hole, our experiences tend to be pretty dull, consisting of Stac and I guessing what we might see...then nothing happening.

This was SO not the case this time.

We went on a Friday evening. Old Town is a hot place for tourists on Friday, especially during the summertime. The cemetery was pretty quiet though we we arrived. For the most part is was Tanya, Stac, and me. The hubby stayed behind at the restaurant to chat with some friends then caught up later. It was a peaceful place, though it was underlined with a bit of an eerie feeling. We took some photos and got some orbs but we didn't think much of them because of all the dust in the area. The three of us figured it would be a bust but at least it was pretty scenery and some interesting history.

I noticed one head stone had some sort of flower decoration on it. It didn't look too old and it was rather pretty so I snapped a photo of it, forgetting I had the flash on. Needless to say the picture came out like ass. So I tried again. Apparently someone else thought otherwise and just as I was about to take another photo my camera shut down completely. Weird. I checked the batteries before we left and my camera had no history of acting up before this moment. I switched it on and it appeared to be fine so I tried again. And poof, it shut down again. I had a feeling that something didn't want me taking that photo so I just stepped away and moved on. My camera worked fine the rest of the time we were there as long as I didn't take photos of that one headstone.

And that's when a gaggle of obnoxious tourists came barreling through. One set was being lead by the ghosts and gravestones tour (bastards!) and the others were drunk tourists being general douchcannoes. Maybe its just me, but I always felt that if you're in a place like a cemetery you should friggin' act with some goddamned decorum. Even if the place is over 100 years old....ESPECIALLY if the place is over 100 years old. Its just common courtesy even if most of the occupants are dead. Granted, taking photos of headstones to some is considered obnoxious so maybe I don't have room to talk. But behavior like jumping up and down on graves, pretending to be pissing on head stones, and yelling things like "OOOOH Scary Ghosts come and get meeeee!' seems to trump photo taking and tend to piss me off....a lot. And I don't think I was the only one getting pissed.

Stac, Tanya, and I were tending to ourselves, taking photos quietly and reading headstones while this was going on. Now this wasn't a dramatic moment. No doors were blown off hinges, no lighting from the sky, or anything of that nature. But it was a moment that hit the three of us pretty hard. We were suddenly hit with overwhelming feeling of anger and sadness. I'm sure part of it was my own hostilities towards dumb tourists. But there was no reason for me to be feeling that enraged before. Stac was hit was well but when we chatted about it later, she told me she felt horribly saddened by it all and had to step away to compose herself. I believe the tourists felt it too because as soon as I was overcome with these feelings, the tourists stopped their shenanigans and got quiet. I heard one mutter "We should" and they scattered out of there like their asses were on fire. The feelings went down considerably after the assbags left. But those feelings remained. I also noticed these feelings were strongest the further back we went in the cemetery.

Now this is going to sound cheesy. But I swear this is exactly what happened. Before we entered the cemetery, Stac picked a spring of rosemary on her way in. She was holding it during our adventures. I'm not sure what possessed her to do this but while the three of us were trying to muddle through the angry and sad vibes all around us, Stac took part of that rosemary, tied the bottom with a piece of ribbon she had in her pocket, and placed it on one of the graves. I don't remember what she said exactly but it was along the lines of sorry that happened and that the three of us don't mean any disrespect and we'll definitely remember this place. As soon as that happened, BOOM all the nasty vibes were gone and it was completely peaceful again. So whatever Stac did and said, it apparently did the trick.

We were quiet on the way back to my place but later on we discussed it. During that whole incident, my husband was hanging out on the side lines, watching in that adorably creepy way he does. My husband has a knack for reading the dead, much like I have the knack for getting certain vibes off people (usually weird people). He said that the whoevers/whatevers in that cemetery just wanted to be remembered and respected and haven't been for a long while what with all the tourists coming through. I really felt that Stac's words did give whoever/whatever was there some sort of solace.
There's a good chance that Stac and I will visit that place again. It just seems like the right thing.
Perhaps it was just one of those you had to be there stories. But it was definitely amongst one of the weirder ones in my life.

Tomorrow I will post pictures of the place as well. Its a really nice site.

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Nojh said...

Okay that is an awesome story. I am jealous. Not that I'm a big fan of tampering with ghosts and whatnot. But it still sounds like it was a cool experience!