Sunday, March 8, 2009

10 minutes of Terror-Jeepers Creepers

Wow! Two 10 minutes of terror in two weeks? I'm on a ROLL here!

Yes, I have a love/hate/borderline abusive relationship with the movie Jeepers Creepers. And I have mentioned it here on the blog many times. But this isn't a post talking about what pisses me off so much about the movie. No, this is a post discussing what I loved the most about Jeepers Creepers. And that was the beginning of the movie.
Lets take a look, shall we? This is a pretty long clip divided into to parts. So I guess you can call this installment 20 minutes of terror instead. Hang on, because this is a long clip.
Part 1

Part 2

Now I posted both clips because the first 20 minutes of this movie are brilliant. Not only is there a wonderfully intense chase scene but some of the best brother and sister banter written. I was pleasantly surprised to not only see two characters in a horror film have natural chemistry but also come across as so likable. Making Trish and Dery likable made the terror you feel during the car chase even more intense. You became genuinely scared for the characters instead of waiting for a gory kill or the next cat scare. This goes likewise for the lull in the middle of the scene. It was a great moment of character development that lures you into a false sense of security before you spot the creeper dumping things down the sewage pipe.
The car chases were also wonderfully executed. The way the truck sneaks up on you in the beginning, the horrific horn that sounds almost like an animal, and the rusty nasty appearance of the truck all call back to the movie Duel but without outright copying it. Also, that brief moment when The Creeper looks up from his work to watch the passing car from a distance is a moment hailing back to a very creepy personal story about a weird hitchhiker on the side of the road I drove past once. It genuinely gives me chills.
This of course leads up to the pipe. Though that wasn't intentionally a part of what I considered the opening of the movie, its definitely a wonderful moment and leads all sort of "OH SHIT!"-ery.

So with Jeepers Creepers I'll have to say the first half of the film is brilliant. The very last scene of the movie is extremely chilling. Its the middle parts I have issues with. Regardless, people do think it is a masterpiece and I will admit it has some wonderful moments in it. Give it a whirl if you haven't seen it. Or at least watch up to the point where the black Psychic lady calls.


Stac said...

Post that story, seriously. That gave me the all-over-shudders.

I was SO ANGRY when I watched all of Jeepers Creepers. I stayed up until 4 am, and I had to work the next day at 9, because the beginning of the story sucked me in. I threw a pillow and profanity at the pillow at the end of it. I WANTED to throw the remote, but it was not my t.v.

Johnny said...

Couldn't agree with you more. I loved the beginning parts of the movie and totally lost interest somewhere midway through. The movie would've been so much better if it was just a crazy dude killing people, not some flying creature with the zipper on his body suit clearly visible.

Cins said...

Johnny/Stac>>THANK you for justifying my feelings of rage! While I liked the creeper, the movie just evolved into these endless annoying boring chase sequences that drove me nuts. The beginning was so good! I wanted there to be some sort of show down at the end. It just ended stupidly. With the exception of the final shot of the film which was great, the whole middle to end was just a freakin' cop out.