Friday, March 13, 2009

Final Destination Death Scenes

The Final Destination movies are a bit of a guilty pleasure for me. Yeah I know, they're pretty lame and they're all the exact same movie with different characters. But lets face it, I don't watch these movies for the profound character arcs and amazing stories.
I watch it for the completely improbable accidents.
The Final Destination movies have some of the most creative clown gore scenes I've seen in main stream film. These insane Rube Goldfarbian deaths are constantly entertaining even when the movie itself is just a large pile of poo. Thank God for DVR and DVD so I can fast forward though any pesky plot and get to the amusement. They are pure escapist entertainment and they never pretend to be more than they are and that is sensational, over the top, pop corn horror. And Damnit, I respect that.
Anyways, I just finished watching the first Final Destination (and in my opinion, the best one of the series but 3 had some of the best gore.) and I wanted to share some of my favorite gore scenes from the series.

Obviously, these clips contain spoilers, so if you rather not be spoiled. don't watch.

I found this great montage of some of the best gore scenes from the trilogy.

But this one is my favorite. Its so insanely convoluted! From the first Final Destination Film.

I highly recommend any of the first three Final Destination movies if you just want some fun gore effects and not have to think. These are prefect for drunken horror movie parties or just to turn on when you want to turn your brain off and watch some goofy horror.


thebonebreaker said...

Well said Cins - these are enjoyable films and I am looking forward to the 4th installment, in 3-D! :-)

Cins said...

*L* Uh oh 3D! Or as I like to call it Last Ditch Effort! Eh I'd probably still enjoy it if they keep with the creative clown gore.:)