Saturday, March 21, 2009

New Addition to the Mad Men I'd Kinda Like to Wrassle Nekkid With!

Halloy Halloy!

Let it be know that I, Stac, have finally A: completed my finals for the quarter, thank you Holy God, and B: seen Repo: The Genetic Opera.

I really enjoyed this movie, and loved the soundtrack. And the costuming. Holy cow, the costuming was AWESOME. Sarah Brightman got the lion's share of the neat wardrobe, including her awesome holographic eyes. I think she was given that role because her face in real life is about forty-five percent eyeball.

But what did I love the most? This guy:

The grave robber, our de facto narrator (and drug dealer, and pimp). He's played by the guy who wrote Repo as a play, the screen play, and composed the music.

He's also smoking hot, and I have no real idea why. Traditionally I am attracted to neither druggies or man whores, but DAYAM am I ever here.

Is it his hair? His gloves? Maybe his coat? Or is it his cynical world view and refusal to justify his his actions?

I think it was his coat, really.


Nojh said...

Honestly, I fell in love with Blind Mag (Sarah Brightman) as soon as I saw her eyes and heard her sing.

I love this movie and I wish I had seen the stage play. I drove to a city 3 hours away to see it on a whim because the aesthetics of the website were so interesting and fell in love, bought both the DVD to loan to friends and the Blue-Ray to keep at home for my own private enjoyment. Oh and bought the sound track of course.

I showed it to two friends who now use the soundtrack for their morning alarm.

But Anthony Head once again shows himself to be a brilliant actor and singer. I love his transitions from good/evil.

I never knew the grave robber was the writer. Thats really interesting! And that is a cool coat... but he doesn't have Mag's eyes, sorry!

Stac said...

That's okay, really. I too loved Sarah Brightman, but as heterosexual female (with admittedly weird tastes) I'll stick with the grave robber. ;)

DVD and CD have been added to the Amazon wish list, though I might just iTunes it when I get ze monies.

Anthony Stewart Head was great-- I'm not a Buffy fan, but I'd heard he was a great singer and I really enjoyed how his voice would change between loving father and the Repo Man, too cool!

It's funny, my roommate got nothing out of this, and it was her Netflix pick. I was sort of uninterestedly interested in seeing it, and I loved it. Go figure. :)

Johnny said...

Don't like musicals and didn't care for Repo. I wanted to! But I just couldn't get into it.

thebonebreaker said...

I too loved this one Stac! :-)
You can read my review here

Stac said...

Johnny: It's okay, hon, really! My roommate didn't either, but see, I'm a drag queen in a woman's body with a serious bent towards the weird/ morbid, so this was tailor made for me. ;)

Bonebreaker: I am checking that one out right now!