Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Like that nonsense word there? I have a deep-seated need to combine words like that; it is an illness, and I have no cure. SO COMBINE I SHALL!

I have literally just finished with Dance of the Dead (like, I'm watching the credits roll and listen to the strangely sweeping score as I type this). I am in love. I'm going to marry this movie, you see, and have horrible half human half DVD babies with it that beg the world for death. It's gonna be pretty memorable.

Simply put, this is a movie about a small town living under the literal shadow (and toxic output) of the local three tower power plant. Zombies become a serious problem on prom night, with some of the COOLEST grave rising I've ever seen. I think they launched the actors out of the ground on pneumatic rams. These actors would shoot out of their graves horizontally, then land on their feet, running. I wanna learn to do this-- I would freak my nieces and nephews out daily.

In a rare touch, I liked all of the characters in this movie, and was genuinely sad (and even surprised a few times) when a character would die or be zombified. Most of the survivors are the kids who never made it to prom to begin with, like the science fiction club, who really looked and acted like they should have been right along side John Cusack, Darren Harris, and Anthony Micheal Hall in Sixteen Candles. You also have a very angry redneck/punk played by Justin Welborn, who was also in The Signal another movie I absolutely loved. I've really lucked out with NetFlix lately!

This is an ensemble cast-- the sneering amateur rockers, the main smart ass and his long suffering girlfriend who has one of the few legitimate falls while fleeing I've seen in horror. She also uses her shoe as a weapon very effectively, which has me rethinking my "no chunky/awkward yet fabulous shoes" stance in the ensuing zombigeddon. A heavy platform would do some serious damage, and it's already in red, so no staining!

There are some great, creative kills, and seriously, ZOMBIES AT THE PROM. What more do I have to tell you?

I also have to reveal some serious geekage here. Now, I lust for Mike Rowe, of Dirty Jobs fame; he is a hunka-hunka burnin' LUV, and he can sing, too! He did an episode around Halloween of 2007 where he met a guy who does special effects for movies, specifically horror. He turned Mike into a lumbering homunculus, and then shot him. He also threatened Mike with physical harm several times, which amused Mike so much he pushed the man's buttons more. I squee'd with some seriously nerdery when I realized that same FX guy, Toby Sells, had a bit part in this as "The Kwiki Mart Attendant". He also did a lot of the FX for this movie! EEE!!! I'm a dork!

All of the actors were great choices for their parts-- no one had that air brushed, squeaky, toothpaste commercial "attractiveness" that isn't all that attractive (to me anyway), though Hollywood and Fox t.v assure us repeatedly that they are the pinnacle of human evolution. Everyone was interesting looking, which made them more believable in their roles. Of course the cheerleader was blond and perky, of course one of the Sci Fi geeks was a ginger. No one seemed out of place or miscast, and the zombie makeup was great, too.

Best part of this movie, though? Zombie sex. Yep. Total zombie nookie. Come for the chaos, stay for the undead bumpin'.


Johnny said...

I think it is time I watch Dance of the Dead. I've been hearing people ranting and raving about it for months now but for some reason I haven't watched it yet. And I think it's even sitting somewhere in one of my massive stacks of burned movies! I think for a while I was kinda over the whole zombie movie thing and that's why I haven't bothered with it. But again, I think it's time!

Stac said...

Johnny-- seriously, do so. I told Cins about it, and I predict she's going to fall wildly in love with it hwen she does. If she doesn't I'm going to kneecap her, so either way it a win for me!

I personally love zombie movies, so as long as it sounds fun I'll give it a shot, but this far, far exceeded what I expected. I'm going to keep an eye on this director and a lot of these actors, for sure.

Cins said...

*LK* Its going on my damn Netflix! I must experience Prombies!!!

thebonebreaker said...

Okay, you've sold me - I 1st heard that this was a great flick, from Fred over at Full Moon Reviews, whose opinion I trust - after he raved about it as well, I added it to my Netflix Queue - after reading this, I am going to move it to the top immediately!

Also, that was pretty funny about the platform shoes - something else that makes your reviews unique! ;-)

Stac said...

Aww, thanks, bonebreaker! That's a great thing to read after an exhausting day. And totally, true, about the platforms-- they're not my lucky red shoes for nothing! :D

Barring that it's the knee high, lace-up waffle stompers-- those bad boys would crush many a zombie skull!

Cins said...

Bonebraker>>I have seen these shoes...and they even scare me with what they can do. Many a geek feared her at ComicCon.

Stac said...

Cins: shoes are to be feared AND enjoyed.

Bavarian Circus said...

"Dance of the Dead" happens to be my most favorite Zombie movie in creation, and I do believe that your post has done it justice. This film only made my desire for a real-life Zombigeddon(<- An amazing word combo) undeniably greater. I am SO ready to kick some Zombie ass. And thanks to DotD, I know who to pick for my team. ^^ I have a friend who looks exactly like George, and I'm pretty sure it'd take less than a helmet to get him on my side.. Mwhaha.

Stac said...

Bavarian Circus: Thanks! I'm glad you liked it, and I'm with you on how good this one is-- one of my personal favorites for sure, I've already gotten my copy from amazon!

Bavarian Circus said...

This post got me completely addicted to your blog! >< I've done nothing but read it for the last two days. I'm afraid my brain might be about to start oozing from my ears. Mad props, Stac and Cins. At 16, I don't really count as a real person yet, but someday I hope to join you in the ranks of Horror-Film addiction. =3 Huzzah!

Stac said...

Bavarian: All are welcome here, and I know Cins will agree with me when I say that we appreciate readers, period. Post away! If you've got any questions, hit us with them! We're glad to have you, and glad to help a burgeoning horror fan! :D