Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Creepy News

I so love mailing lists; all of the creepy, none of the effort of looking for yourself! I got two great links today, compliments of hauntings_of_the_world@yahoogroups.com.

The first is Potty Ghosts in Tibet:

This second is way creepier, and has to do with a story that has scared me badly ever since it first came to my attention a few years back. The Entity is a movie made in 1981, starring Barbara Hershey. It's about a single mother who is beaten and raped on a repeated and violent basis; it's also at least partially based on a true story. I've read a few interviews with the staff involved in investigating this, and the details of what eventually befell the woman, Doris, was always vague. Turns out she died in 1995 of cardiac arrest, and I pray to God she's at peace. Here's an interview with one of her children about what actually happened, and it's terrifying anyway you look at it:



Johnny said...

Weren't you guys just talking about fears of bathroom ghosts?!

Stac said...

Yes! We were! Freaky, right?!

Johnny said...

Quite! Now your fears are rational and you can thus be even more terrified of such things!

Stac said...

You're not helping my bladder at all here, Johnny. ;)

Johnny said...


Stac said...

HAHA! I saw that! I love that it's written by Koji Suzuki-- I want to read that story, dammit!

But I want NOTHING to do with hairy terlet hands. @.0