Saturday, May 30, 2009

There Are Monsters

I was surfing Youtube while chatting with Stac tonight and found this gem of a Short Film.
There are Monsters is a short Canadian film written and directed by Jay Dahl and it gives me the creeps something fierce!

So I'm sharing.


Johnny said...

very cool and very creepy! thanks for that!

Stac said...

That first part with the little girl actually made me yell, thus scaring Bevin. They got a twofer!

Cins said...

Johnny>>Glad you liked it! Its a pretty unnerving film. My favorite (and the part I cringed the most at) is the store clerk scene. ACK!

Stac>>*L* OMG I so RULE and finding this!;)

Nojh said...

Nice! I have a few nitpicks but it was still good.