Thursday, May 14, 2009

Monsters Vs Madmen- Round 2

Wow...It was unanimous. Not ONE vote for the other side.

You people are ruthless.

Kayako is dead!

There wasn't one vote for our poor frog throated siren. Samara has ruthlessly slaughtered her . Of course that really comes as no surprise to me. Samara does kill for the sheer fun of it.

Congrats Samara, you have made it to the next round!

So now its creepy kid vs. creepy kid as our sadistic little student film maker goes up against a undead little high pitched gremlin of evil.

Samara from the Ring


Gage from Pet Cemetary

Both are pretty sadistic.

Here's Samara showing that all evil little girls in a well need is a hug from mommy in The Ring 2.

And here's Gage showing G'pa Jud his aptitude toward medical school in Pet Cemetary.

Which creepy little shit will reign?!
Vote now! The winner will be announced next week!



Johnny said...


Stac said...

Samara! She would FUCK HIM UP!

Nojh said...

Samara. Hands down no question. I was impressed by Gage when I saw the video, but I hadn't seen the Ring 2 and seeing Samara's skills. Gage relies on stealth to take down an old man, Samara could out-stealth Gage anyday. She can also out creep him. He may have the cute child/looks like doll thing going, but Samara doesn't even need a face to creep you out, thats just her ace in the hole.

Not to mention that she made me feel sad for her! A new secret hidden power, where as Gage just has kitties under his control and while I like kitties (even undead ones) that just doesn't hold up.

So Samara for this round!

Roy said...

Samara. Hands down.

Bevin said...

As much as part of me loves the idea of Samara getting taken down by a little boy with a letter opener, the logical (snort) side of my brain just has to go with Samara on this.