Sunday, May 17, 2009

More Filler Fun with Cins. Now with retsin.

Yes I'm beating a dead horse but this is a horror blog and I gotta beat SOMETHING dead, right?
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Can you tell Stac and I are having fun with our new little feature?

So once again its filler fun time! I figured I should share with you some up and coming movies that I'd like to try and catch. Most of you probably have seen these trailers so please voice your opinion! I love a good discussion!

First movie I am really chomping at the bit for is Sam Rami's return to his horror roots, Drag Me to Hell.

The Main Reason I'm stoked about this other than it looking like a good balls to the walls horror film is that its not a remake or a reboot. Don't get me wrong, there are some remakes out there I really loved. But frankly I'm starting to get a little bored with the concept. I hope this movie does well and injects a little life into mainstream horror.

Inglorious Bastards

Yeah, not really a horror film but I'm sure there will be insane gore...well, I HOPE there will be. Say what you will about Tarentino, the guy knows how to make an entertaining movie. And my favorite little pocket sized gore hound is in it.

District 9

I found out about District 9 from Freddy In Space (Thanks Johnny!) I'm a sucker for viral campaigns. Unfortunately I haven't had enough time to search for the viral websites for this. If you've seen them, link me? What intrigues me the most is the alien scene. This doesn't look like a typical Sci-Fi/Horror.


Just found this while surfing Youtube. I wish I read French! Anyone heard of this yet? From what I researched, its a French zombie flick. This excites me like a little girl at Christmas. You can find some stills and the poster here.


I saw the trailer for this before Star Trek. This looks like it has a lot of Event Horizon influence. I really loved Event Horizon so I'm hoping its up that alley.

So those are my picks so far. COme Share yours! What are you looking forward to?


Nojh said...

I'm really looking forward to Drag Me To Hell as well. Just something about the previews make me think old school horror. The kind I can really get into.

Inglorious Bastards looks awesome. I didn't even hear about it till I just watched the preview. That small part in me that loves slaughter porn really wants to see that.

I saw district 9 preview Wolverine! It looks awesome!

Ooh. French horror film. Never seen one of those before. I'm game! I can't seem to find a direct website for it (no surprise there). You should keep an eye out for us and tell us if it gets a US release on DVD at least.

OOh yeah! I'm so looking forward to Pandemonium!

I'm not sure it counts but I'm still looking forward to Terminator: Salvation. It'll probably be more action than horror but Terminator 2 was my first R rated film and the sight of the Terminator skeleton head slowly appearing in the flames gave me nightmares for weaks! I loved it!

Cins said...

DTMH looks pretty classic Sam Rami. It looks like a good horror flick with possible comedy thrown in. I'm realyl stoked for it!

I am hoping to find more info about Mutants. I just stumbled upon the trailer as I was writing the entry. It looks fascinating.

I'm curious about Terminator: Salvation too! I'm not a die hard Terminator fan but I do enjoy the movies with the exception of 3...which was a very large crap burger. But I like Christian Bale and the tech in the film looks ass kickin'.

Stac said...

Wow, District 9 looks AWESOME.