Thursday, May 7, 2009

Monsters Vs Madmen! Cast Your Vote!

Okay, We need to liven things up a bit here.

So I am stealing a concept from another blog I read. The other blog is totally non horror related but I think we can make the concept work here. What TLo does is put celebs they like up against each other in a series Thunderdome of cat fights.
Their latest is Virgins vs Vixens. My money's on the vixens...because us bitches need to stick together.

Anyways I felt like doing the same thing because if anything, it will amuse me. And this blog is mostly about keeping Stac and I amused.

So We present to you, Monsters vs Madmen!

We'll be putting our favorite assholes and crazy creatures up against each other each week. You vote in the comments section for who you think would win! The long time survivors will go up against each other in a fight to the death not unlike Freddy vs Jason...but probably with more giggling and texting...until one reigns supreme!!

So lets get this catfight started!

We'll start with the Madmen first.

We'll be starting with our smaller teared madmen first. Here's a battle I mentioned a long while ago. But since they're creepy bitches I though I thought it would be appropriate for a first fight out...since Stac and I are creepy bitches.

ROUND 1!!!

Kayako from Ju-On


Samara from The Ring.

Here's Kayako in action in Ju-On 2...lets face it. it takes a lot of guts to come crawling out of a lady's hoo ha.

And here's Samara at her most vengeful...shes a relentless bitch.

Which freaky bitch will reign supreme?!
3-2-1 FIGHT!!

Give us your votes!! We'll announce the winner Next Week!


Nojh said...

Oooh this one is tough!

Murdered house wife vs murdered house child.

Heres the problem I'm having. I get The Ring and Ringu confused a lot. And in Ringu, Sadako seemed to have a lot more power. Did they ever explain that Samara had pyrokenetic abilities? That she was always evil and thats why her parents killed her?

Kayako on the other hand is really just the manifestation of a murder curse who spreads like a disease throughout Tokyo. She had the whole betrayed wife thing going but really it was just her being overly emotional that doomed Tokyo.

Arrgh! So hard to decide!

I think I'm going to have to go with Samara. She was far more relentless, making a video tape to hunt people down, while Kayako needed people to come to her house and die.

So I vote for Samara.

Bevin said...

I'm going to have to go with Samara/Sadako, too. Kayako was creepy, but yeah, her range of influence was a lot smaller than Samara's, and she seemed a little less pro-active on the killing people front-- she only seemed to bother if someone came to her first, whereas Samara was all about getting out there and self-promoting.

Stac said...

3rd for Samara here. She's meaner than Kayoko, I think. Kayoko has a drive behind her murders; Samara does it for the sheer delight of it.

Johnny said...

Samara all the way!