Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Cins Adventures in Fan Girling

I am back from Con! And I'm now sporting a fashionable head cold!
Mucus. All the cool people are wearing it now, you know.

Anyways, I am only posting here at the moment to show something of awesome magnitude.

For I taken a photo with Keith f'ing David!

He's on the right...just in case you're wondering...
Check Spelling
I'm the little white girl in the middle. The lady on the left there is my friend Trishana. For those who may not remember who Keith David is, he is in two of my favorite John Carpenter films. The Thing (Childs) and They Live (Frank).

Keith as Childs

Keith as Frank...Best fight scene EVAR.

He is also the voice of Goliath on Disney's Gargoyles. Keith is awesome. Pure concentrated awesome. Seriously. Hell, he took time out of his day to take a photo with a crazy fan girl for god's sake! Yes, that crazy fan girl was me...
Keith David, you have won my awesome award.

I also got a picture with Phil LaMar who is a gentleman who loves to hug... And kept making me laugh during the photo.

Phil is on the left...once again, in case you're wondering.

He was a regular on Mad TV and played Marvin in Pulp Fiction. A small role before he got his face shot off. LOVE THIS GUY! Seriously. An extremely nice man. If you see him? give him a thumbs up.

Phil as Marvin. Emote Phil! Emote like the WIND!

Okay, I'm done fan girling. I'll post something with substance shortly, including introducing you to an up and coming vampire film that looks insanely AWESOME.

Until then...I have to blow my nose...a lot.

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Stac said...

Keith David is also the voice of the cat in Coraline, and Phil Lamar is all over Futurama. He's Hermes and about a ton of back ground and repeat character voiced.

He's lucky he escaped my CLUTCHES!