Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Monsters Vs Madmen- Round 6!

Oh My God.

It is a sad sad day in Cins house...

You Killed Pinhead! You Bastards!

I am COMPLETELY shocked. I mean it was one hell of a close vote but WOW. There is MUCH love for the Candyman out there!
But I do have to admit, it was a hard choice, even for me.

On to Round Six!

So even I will say this is a weird pairing. But I am trying this one because I figured another supernatural being does have to go against another supernatural being.
That and I'll admit, both of them are crazy...yet strangely hot...bastards

Our current winner, Candyman from the Candyman movies


Severen from Near Dark!

Now if you have NOT seen Near Dark....why the hell not?
Its is my absolutely favorite vampire film. And Severen here? Total unapologetic undead fuckwad. But I LOVE that unapologetic undead fuckwad almost as much as Candyman! This is Bill Paxton at his best. He needs to play assholes more often.

Here they are in Action.
(Unfortunately these great scenes didn't allow embedding but they are worth the click of a link!)

Candyman iz in ur office killin ur therapist're SUCH a fuckwad.

The winner will be announced Next Week!!



Stac said...

Shit, gotta see Near Dark before I can vote!

Cins said...

*L* Go! Flee! Go watch now!

Zacery Nova said...

Yo, I nominated you for a tag/meme thing, check it out:

- Zac

zombiestomper said...

Even though I voted for Pinhead last time I gotta say Candy Man has this one in the bag.

Johnny said...

Severen is one of my favorite characters in horror history so sorry Candyman, but you lose!

Nojh said...

OMG OMG OMG. Hudson got turned into vampire! That is awesome! Shit. How in the hell am I going to objectively rate this? I mean, its Hudson! And BISHOP! As a creepy ass vampire! OMG!

Okay okay calm down. Damnit.

Okay. So first off we have Candyman. Okay let me first say that as far as psychotherapist go, that guy may have had the ultimate condescending smirk, but he really didn't deserve to have Candyman called on him. I mean, really. As far as psychotherapists to the supernaturally haunted goes, he was downright pleasant. Anyway, so we've learned that Candyman has like 10+ levels in ninja, and seriously do it from behind, WHILE dressing up pirate for that extra bit of blood and gutts charisma that he loves to woo the ladies with. He also gets point for making it look like the therapist was about to have a chestbuster jump out.. but of course Hudson coul.. shit.

Then we have Severen. And I just gotta say, the man already has points for his name. I mean, Candyman? I suppose if you're going for the ironic horror bit. But Severen? I just know already he is going to chop me into strips of flesh before he smiles at me.

And that smile. Its gotta be a super power of its own, like he turns that on, then he can do whatever the fuck he wants and you gotta watch. Dance a jig, serve pancakes, strangle a guy. Really. Anything.

So we got sneak attack +10 vs stunning daze attack +10. We'll call it a draw.

Next up weaponry! Candyman goes pirate, yargh! Which I gotta admit, hooks do a lot of serious damage, kill way quicker than bees. So hes obviously moving up in the world or at least growing a little more impatient. Severen on the other hand has boot knives. And he has just enough self-confidence pull off looking like a gay version of the karate kid in order to use them to cut you up.

So again we'll call it a draw.

Now we talk posses. Candyman apparent now has the blonde girl. He said so himself. Sadly I don't think shes is going to be very useful in a fight. Oh sure shes a post-80s woman, very empowering, but so far shes shown a lot of capability of backstabbing those who are trying to help her. (heh). So if he took her into battle, whats to keep her from just turning on him? Oh right, evil bee seduction powers!

Severen has a serious posse, and he doesn't seem to discriminate based upon gender. Or age. Or sanity requirements. Lets see he has a little kid who seems to have a few ninja levels. Bishop, who has serious wit and creepy aura +5. And...wait is that Vasquez? OMG that is Vasquez. The most badass woman in existence. The woman who haunts my nightmares and also haunts my fantasies at the exact same fucking time. With frizzy white hair!

Okay fine. Screw this. I give up! Severen wins. There is now way Candyman is taking that group down. Even if he manages to corner Severen alone, Serven he has nukes, knives, sharp sticks...

zombiestomper said...

I think you should have Lemmy from Motorhead fight everyone. HE would win

Cins said...

ZC>>*LOL* I think Lemmy could destroy them all just with that awesome whiskey soaked voice of his.

Nojh>> Dude, I love your posts on these! I really want you to SEE these movies just so you can see how close (or far) you're guesses are.

Zac>>Cool! Thanks for the Shout Out! =D

A Cinematic Slice of Cheese said...

Severen. He is a bad ass vampire.

The Man With No Name said...

SEVEREN FTW! Near Dark is hands down the greatest vamp movie ever made. But I honestly think that severen would tear candyman apart. Tony Todd is a badass though.

Stac said...

Sorry, I think I gotta side with Candyman in this one, again; I mean, he's DEAD. How does a vampire kill a ghost?

That being said, how does a ghost kill a vampire? I think CM possesses him, and makes Severin dance.

To disco.