Monday, August 17, 2009

Spooky Loot

It is soon to by my natal day, and I got an AWESOME gift from my older sister, Mags. She's a Stampin' It Up seller, so a few months ago I whined to her about having no Halloween stamps, which stunned both of us.

She came to visit this weekend, and came bearing loot! Behold my AWESOME goodies! The stamp set is called "From the Tomb", and totally looks like stuff out of the Haunted Mansion! Big sis may not understand why I love all things macabre, but she accepts that I do, and that it part of what makes her an awesome sibling. She got me a whole ton of Halloweeny goodness!

Stamp pads, needed to, of course, stamp. The colors are basic black and pumpkin pie, how appropriate!

Check out this awesome paper-- it's also two sided, which makes it even cooler. I have everything from pumpkins to crows and about three different ranges of skull in between!

Skulls and bats. If I had enough I would seriously wall paper my room with these.

Look at my pumpkins! LOOK AT THEM!

So far this is my favorite stamp! You can't see it too well in this picture, but the skull is surrounded by bats, ghosts, grave markers, crows, and a jack-o-lantern.

This one's more abstract, but there are bats and spiders entwined through out, REALLY looking like some of the wall paper designs in the House that Gracey Built.

Spider. I'm going to stamp this on everyone's hair. In orange. Then watch them slap themselves after I tell them that they've got a spider on 'em.

A bat. The bat will eat the spider. Or help it mine for delicious brain meats.

This is my birthday loot! Do you care? Probably not. Is this exceedingly girlie? Yes, but frequently so am I (I'm wearing gold eye liner, for crap's sake). But it is SO cool that I had to share!

And I had to gloat! Because my big sister is cooler than yours! HA!


The Bear Family said...

Those are totally awesome Stacy! Your big sister is really thoughtful. I'm impressed.

Stac said...

Thank you, I am, too! My sister's awesome! :D

Nojh said...

Yeah I can't say I get excited about stamps or paper, even if they are cool designs. Okay the skull and the abstract ink-bloot thing that looks suspiciously like boobs is kinda cool. Although all of these could be really interesting hallmarks of a serial killer...

Anyway Happy Day of the Birthing, when it happens. :)

Stac said...

Thanks Nojh! And that's okay-- I posted because I wanted to, not because I thought anyone was interested. ;)

That and because I like to girlie it up occasionally. ;)

Cins said...

I Covet the green skull paper...

Stac said...

Cins: I'm gonna make paper airplanes out of it and throw it into the fire. Just to spite you. :D