Monday, August 24, 2009

Red Leaves and Chilly Nights..

I love and hate this time of year. I love it because autumn is hovering juuust around the bend, and you can feel Halloween's orange black starting to lightly color the edges of each day. The Dollar Store already has Halloween tchotchkes out, no doubt painted lovingly in lead, and if you look you can see Halloween candy starting to ooze into the holiday sections of a lot of grocery stores.

I hate this time of year because I want to start wearing long pants and hoodies, and when if I'm stupid enough to do so, I promptly burst into flames. But it's lovely and cool at night, and that makes it a hell of a lot easier to sleep.

This is a really, really boring article. You know what? I'm just gonna end it with one pertinent point: Mike over at the Cadaver lab sent Cins and I both a copy of Death Bed. Expect pain and a review, probably at the same time!

Now for some real horror, here's a picture of an ad for an escort service I found in my local phone book. Small town my ass!

I know, it's a shite picture. What looks perfectly fine on my cell phone's 2x3 inch screen translates differently on a computer monitor. But the number's still readable if you're looking for "exotic entertainment".


Nojh said...

Maybe I should move further north. Oh wait, right, snow. You're saying you're actually starting to see Fall? That'd be awesome. I never see fall, and its still too hot at night.

If you want something horror-related to talk about, you can talk about my new favorite tabletop RPG: Eclipse Phase. Its marketing itself as a Transhuman (Read: Sci-Fi) Horror/Conspiracy RPG. And I can actually give you a PDF of it free and legal.

Not exactly Kitch but you're obviously in need of material. :) You could also dig into just horror RPGs in general: (Call of Cthulhu, All Flesh Must Be Eaten are two more that come to mind).

*eyes the picture* Exotic Entertainment... You watch the TV show Dexter right? (If not, then ignore my RPG comments and go rent it right now! PERFECT for this blog). That kinda thing reminds me of Vince Masoka.

Stac said...

Nojh, see, I love snow, personally. :) It's still hot during the say here, but yeah, some of the trees here have started to turn red and yellow. Just in small patches here and there, but after two weeks straight of weather over 100 degrees, I'm happy happy happy to see autumn edging in! The fact that it's my favorite time of year is moot. ;)

Cins has played some of the RPGs; I've personally only done D&D, and the guys I was playing with feared my vagina cooties so I eventually quit attending. Got tired of hearing bitching about "accomplishing something tonight!" and arguing over how much damage Magic Missiles does.

The sad thing is that I have stuff to review-- I'm just lazy and don't wanna. Usually I can pull something out of my butt, but my Powers of Pointless have failed me today!

I am embarrassed to report that no, I've never seen Dexter; shall I Netflix?

Nojh said...

I'm pretty sure fall would be my favorite time of year if I lived somewhere that had a fall. It sounds like a time where I wouldn't constantly be too hot or to cold.

I visited Maryland once when there was a blizzard. Snow is a neat idea to go visit, but I can't imagine putting up with it for several months! How would people get to work and not kill each other? Either in cars or to wear their skin for warmth? Plus there is this poisonous yellow snow everybody keeps warning me about...

Ahh yes. Vagina cooties are very very dangerous. I should know. I run a D&D game where 3 out of 5 of my players are female. And they are very very dangerous. They wana do silly things like actually talk to NPCs, rather than just killing them and rolling magic missile damage (which is 1d4+1 per 3 levels, and don't let anybody else tell you different!) ;)

Actually I think I'm kind of balanced between liking RPG systems and liking to actually RP. The stories and worlds really interest me. Which is why I'm pushing Eclipse Phase so much, to garner more interest for it so maybe I'll find a game to play in, or at worst, find people to play a game I run. Eclipse Phase. If the giant mechanic tentacles grabbing a guy in space doesn't at least perk your interest, no harm or foul. If you want more... well then we get to negotiating. ;)

And YES! Go watch Dexter. Especially if you like psychological horror with a healthy does of medical gore. Its actally more black comedy, which from what I can tell is definitely up your ally. I just finished watching the 3rd season yesterday and I'm still kinda wired from it.

zombiestomper said...

I love dollar store Halloween stuff. I buy it and it stays up year round. To some people Halloween comes once a year to me it's a state of mind.

Stac said...

Zombie Stomper: I'm the same way. I tried to count all of the Halloween stuff in my bedroom and lost count in the thirties. :)