Friday, August 7, 2009

"Howard Meets Phillip At A Weird Kinda Angle.."

Over the past few days I have acquired a new obsession; the audio output done by Julie Hoverson and her crew of misfits over at 19 Nocturne Boulevard. I was expecting it to be a fun concept with perhaps an okay delivery, kinda like listening to old radio programs from the 1930's. Julie, I have wronged you and am here to officially apologize, because all of the crew at the boulevard rock it, BIG TIME. I downloaded a cross section of Nocturne catalogue, and today went and downloaded all the rest.

The gist of this show is a that it is a series of weird tales that all occur at 19 Nocturne Boulevard. It might be a retelling of The Canterville Ghost, or an H.P Lovecraft tale. It might be something original to Julie and her crew, but it's ALL great, and I really, really recommend this show for people who like quirky and creepy on their iPod or mp3 player of choice.

My personal favorites so far include The Temple, originally a Lovecraft short that I read fairly recently for the first time; Scrumping the Devil, which features possibly the most foul mouthed old bitch on earth and the model for my future behavior; and my top favorite Cry Wolf, which is a noir, private dick take on faery tales. The two investigators happen to be Beauty and the Beast, and they're looking into the death of The Big, Bad Wolf, who may not have been as guilty as his crimes suggest.

Awesome stuff, give it a listen over at:


Nojh said...

Awesome! I've been looking for net "radio" shows to listen to at work and when I do long drives to various cities around Texas. This is perfect!

I'm glad you reviewed it because if I had stumbled on the website I would have fled quickly. It reminds me of a MUSH that has gone ANSI happy and all the colors make it hard for me to find anything. :|

Do you know if you can get them through another route than their website? (RSS, itunes Podcast, or something?)

Stac said...

Nojh: I know they have an RSS feed, it's on the episodes page, I think. They're not on iTunes, sadly. But if you email Julie, who is very nice (and I think her email is just, I'm sure she could break it down better than I could. I personally down loaded them all manually.

Glad you like, and so far all of them are freaking awesome!

zombiestomper said...

Scrumping the Devil was awesome. I'm downloading some more shows. It's pretty cool how all the podcasters and bloogers end up helping each other out. Who sez Horror fans aren't nice people :)

Stac said...

Zombie Stomper: Wasn't that GREAT?? I laughed so hard listening to that, and had to explain repeatedly to my 5 year old nephew why he couldn't listen as well. I've listened to a bunch of them and so far they're all excellent!

Yeah, the horror community is GREAT, and anyone who says otherwise clearly has no actual experience with it. When Cins and I started our blog so many people, many extremely popular in their own rights, went out of their ways to link us, promote us, etc. I've never met a mean person in the horror community.

Anonymous said...

oooh! I like radio dramas! Off I go to download! :D

Stac said...

Chris: Attack, baby! It's really cool stuff!