Saturday, September 26, 2009

Best Mail EVER!

First I apologize in advance-- I took the below pictures with my phone, and they're awful. I'm going to get an actual camera soon, but I'm waiting for the all-mighty financial aid to kick in.

About a year ago I was moved to send my first-- and probably only-- fan letter, to Doug Jones. I assume you know who he is if you're reading this dank little corner of the web, and if you don't then please imdb his name. And get some fucking culture, while you're at it.

I sent poor, poor Mr. Jones a stuttering, nervous declaration of my appreciation, and thanked him for being so kind to his fans; I have never heard anything but praise about how friendly and genuine he is to those who've met him. It's nice when people take the time to appreciate their fans, you know? I've heard so many horror stories from people meeting celebrities and it not going well that I would probably not approach anyone I recognized. Because you see, underneath my razor blade hide and the venom I spew with every acerbic word, I'm surprisingly.. oh, I dunno, marshmallowish? I once commented to a friend of mine that it's hard being an evil marshmallow, and I feel those words stand!

I didn't hear anything from Mr. Jones, and that was okay, I wasn't really expecting to-- guy's pretty busy, after all.

Flash forward to this past Monday; school was due to start the coming Wednesday, I had worked later than my usual 5 pm, and frankly, I was all whupped and done in. I needed a cookie and something spooky on the teevee and then bed. I also needed out of my bra, but that's because underwire actually craves the blood of its wearer. It's not just true, it's SCIENCE!

I saw I had a pack of mail on the back of my love seat, including a large manila envelope. There was no return address so I figured it was probably junk mail of some kind, but was mildly curious at the "DO NOT BEND" instructions on the letter's face. I opened it, spacing out, looking forward to my last day of sleeping in before classes, and I see.. Abe Sapien.

..the hell?

I pull it out and discover.. a fucking SIGNED PICTURE SET of Doug Jones as Abe Sapien. Along with this? A hand-written letter, thanking me for my patience and for being fan.


I'm not gonna lie; after the day I'd just had I teared up a little. As soon as I can, I'm getting a frame, and this is SO going up on my wall.

For those who can't read it, it says "To Stacy-- thank you for your charming letter!". Doug Jones is the nicest man EVER.

This is the bottom picture, signed as Doug Jones and as Abe Sapien. Not caught in this snapshot is "There's Love!!". I will see every movie this man is in, ever. Ever.

Like I said, my snap shots are awful, so when I get a decent camera I'll take a better shot so you can see it in all of its glory!

Isn't this totally the coolst thing in all of forever?

Got any similar stories and I would LOVE to hear them!


Anonymous said...

I had to imdb him since the BSmb was no help at all.

Glad to hear it cheered you up. I hope if I ever feel the urge to write a fan letter to someone I consider worthy that I get even half the results you did. :)

Hannah R. said...

Awesome. <3 That's extremely fucking cool, man [or woman, if you want to be literal.

anyways, i've been reading your blog for a while and i've just now gotten up to commenting. Much love, yeah?

Keep it up; if not for our entertainment but for yours.

Nojh said...

Wow. That was totally awesome.

I do admit I had to IMDB him but only because I didn't know his name.

I think I just became a fan of his. :)

I don't have any similiar experiences. I tend to be very very shy about being a fan. Best I've done is send emails to some webcomic artists when I really liked their comics and knew they didn't have a large fanbase telling them they're awesome.

Bevin said...

We really need to watch that "Angel of Death" movie I was telling you about with Zoe Bell. Dougie's in it, too, in a rare, out of costume role. ;)